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ILO: recovery will come through investment in high quality jobs

With 199.8 million people unemployed globally, in its latest report, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) proposes paths to economic growth, and issues recommendations to reduce poverty and inequality.

Brussels to push for EU-wide minimum wage

The European Commission will propose tomorrow (18 April) introducing a minimum salary in countries like Germany where it does not exist yet, and raise wages where they are considered too low, according to a draft seen by EURACTIV.
Health 18-07-2007

Global project to develop statistics on quality of life

A world statistics forum bringing together major international organisations ranging from the UN and EU to the Islamic Conference has decided to launch a global project to measure societal progress - beyond conventional economic measures - in individual countries.

Work-life balance ‘does not work for women’

Even in advanced economies, women are bearing the brunt of a lack of work-life balance, a panel at the Employment Week event found.

Employment experts look at EU job policies

The different aspects of 'the workplace' will be in the spotlight during the annual Employment Week event, with labour-market policies the main focus of the two-day conference.
Health 29-05-2007

Interview: ‘GDP growth does not improve quality of life’

"Simply improving GDP and living standards itself does not improve or makes only very slow changes to peoples' assessment of their quality of life," says Eurofound's survey co-ordinator in an interview with EURACTIV.com.