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Economy & Jobs 22-01-2018

WEF co-chair: Greed is still the economic engine

In an increasingly fractured world, change will not happen if the current model of corporate greed continues to dominate the future, 2018 World Economic Forum co-chair Sharan Burrow told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Corina Cre?u [European Commission]
Regional Policy 28-10-2014

Cre?u: ‘I will cut financing to luxury investment’

"My intention as a social democrat is to cut financing of projects that involve luxury investments which are not absolutely necessary, like fitness and SPA centres," Corina Cre?u, the new Romanian commissioner for Regional Policy, told EURACTIV Romania in an exclusive interview.

Dombrovskis: Euro crisis ‘is also a competitiveness crisis’

As Europe slowly climbs out of the economic crisis, the focus for the European Parliament elections campaign is jobs and growth, Valdis Dombrovskis says, adding that competitiveness is key and that Europe needs to catch up with the US and Japan in spending on innovation and science.

Reseacher: How to overcome the EU apprenticeship gap

High unemployment, particularly among young Europeans, demands policy responses. Andrew McCoshan explains why care needs to be taken in transposing one country’s success to others less advanced.

Employment director: No-growth jobs are possible

Despite the lack of strong economic growth in Europe, there is more that can be done to create jobs, says the managing director of Eurociett, who believes EU policymakers have some tools to boost employment in a low-growth, or no-growth environment.

Professor: ‘Stop paying benefits, start paying companies’

States should transfer their social security payments for the unemployed to companies, so that they can employ the unemployed and maintain skills - even if this would breach trade laws - according to Ton Wilthagen, one of the pioneers in the 1990s of 'flexicurity', a concept that combines job flexibility with security.