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Economy & Jobs 22-05-2019

EU elections 2019: What do parties propose for young people?

Only 28% of Europeans aged 16 to 24 voted in the last EU election in 2014 compared to a total turnout of 42%. Ahead of this week's vote, EURACTIV looked at the proposals for young people coming from the main European political parties.

German coal commission member: If we don’t come up with a roadmap, it’ll be a disaster

Ahead of Germany’s coal commission meeting on Tuesday (18 September), one of its members explained to EURACTIV what is behind the meaning of ‘structural economic change’, which the newly appointed institution has to deal with. 
Brexit 27-06-2018

Unions and businesses urge EU countries to speed up Brexit negotiations

Trade unions and employers have joined forces to urge the EU and UK to speed up Brexit talks ahead of tomorrow's European Council summit. 
Brexit 08-08-2017

UK recruiters blame Brexit as staff shortage worsens

A shortage of staff for British employers worsened in July, hurt by the departure of European Union workers after last year's Brexit vote, a group representing recruitment agencies said on Tuesday (8 August).

Starbucks set to hire 2,500 refugees in Europe

US coffee chain Starbucks Corp said yesterday (20 June) it will hire 2,500 refugees in Europe as part of a wider worldwide hiring plan, months after the policy prompted a backlash from some customers.
Brexit 25-04-2017

Jobs hold fast in shadow of Brexit… for now

Britain’s labour market has so far been resilient, but salaries could fall as a result of increased competition after the country exits the EU.
Brexit 24-04-2017

Brexit talks place citizens’ rights in limbo

Brexit negotiators will face “extraordinarily complex” talks over the rights of EU citizens in the UK and British expats in Europe, according to sources in Brussels.
Global Europe 13-01-2017

The Brief: Innovation fetish has created rubbish jobs

Few words have been so ruthlessly fetishised in Brussels as innovation, jobs and growth.
Transport 18-02-2015

Zero-hour pilot contracts threaten air safety, says study

Airlines are increasingly using zero-hour contracts, pay-to-fly schemes, and temporary employment agencies based outside the EU to hire pilots and cut costs, practices which undermine passenger safety and social standards, a report by the University of Ghent has found. 

Study: EU workers face stress-related health risks

One quarter of Europeans risk health problems due to stress at work, says the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and Eurofound, in a joint report (13 October).
Soliders in northern Central African Republic. [HDPTCAR/Commons].
Development Policy 24-07-2014

Jobs and social security needed as income inequality widens, UNDP warns

More investment in jobs and social security, and the introduction of laws that offer vulnerable people greater protection, are required to halt the slowing of human development caused by income inequality, fluctuations in food prices, natural disasters and conflict.

Eurobarometer: Education and training don’t match available jobs

A quarter (23%) of EU citizens believe that their education or training did not give them the skills to find a job that matches their qualifications, according to a new Eurobarometer survey.
In many ways, the economic crisis has shifted the gender balance in the labour market [Shutterstock]

Eurobarometer: Only half of Europeans say they have good working conditions

Over half of Europeans (53%) say that working conditions are good, according to a new survey by Eurobarometer covering the 28 member states.

Economy and justice top of Barroso II final year agenda

The Commission adopted yesterday (22 October) its work programme for the last year of mandate, which draws out an unprecedented framework to ensure respect for European values in member states.
Health 08-10-2013

Workplace prejudice keeps blind people out of employment

SPECIAL REPORT / The statistics show that blind and partially sighted are the disability group with the lowest employment rate but the biggest obstacle for visually impaired jobseekers is not their disability, experts say.
Health 10-09-2013

Employment data shows growing job opportunities in healthcare

The healthcare sector is among the rare ones where demand for labour is increasing, according to the European Vacancy Monitor (EVM), a quarterly bulletin published by the European Commission's employment directorate.

EU tells member states to step up actions on jobs

The commissioner responsible for employment, social affairs and inclusion, László Andor, has called on EU member states to do more for Europe's unemployed, after the rate of overall jobless in the member states rose since July 2012.
File d'attente.

Employment situation brightens, but concern about wages remains

The number of people out of a job in the eurozone has fallen for the first time in more than two years, the latest sign the bloc may make a muted recovery from recession later this year.

EU debates value of emergency jobless fund

European ministers are proposing to stretch a fund for workers laid off as a result of globalisation to include those hit by the economic crisis, but want to slash its budget by two-thirds, says the MEP overseeing the fund.

Youth protestors, Euro MPs slam Brussels ‘intern culture’

Backed by the European Parliament’s youth committee, around 100 Brussels-based workers gathered in front of the European Parliament today (17 July) to protest the abuse and inherent inequality of employers’ "hire an intern, not an employee" culture.

Pay companies to hire youth, OECD suggests

The plight of youth unemployment in developed economies is so severe it has prompted the OECD to call for more government intervention, possibly including paying companies to hire young people.
Economy & Jobs 06-06-2013

EU urged to address paradox of high unemployment and skills shortages

While many countries around the world are opening their borders and are introducing more flexible and liberal migration policies, the EU is not following the trend. This has led to the paradoxical problem of labour shortages in crucial sectors at a time of very high youth unemployment, experts say.

Germany welcomes immigrants from Europe’s South

While Britain is trying to contain the influx of immigrants, Germany is making efforts to attract skilled workers from crisis-hit Southern Europe, various European media report.

Kroes: Industry ‘morally obliged’ to help youth get ICT skills, jobs

SPECIAL REPORT / Europe’s ICT industry has a ‘moral’ obligation to pull behind the Commission’s new Grand Coalition for Digital Growth and Jobs and help young people get jobs, Commission vice president, in charge of the digital economy, has told EURACTIV in an interview.

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