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  • The only permanent thing in life is change!

    Social Europe & Jobs 28-04-2010

    The labour market will not be the same in future. In the 21st century we will witness the emergence of a wide variety of contractual employment arrangements and both policymakers and social partners will need to modernise labour laws to ensure legal certainty, writes Denis Pennel, managing director of the European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies (Eurociett), in an April paper.

  • Harnessing Europe’s most innovative entrepreneurs

    Innovation & Industry 03-02-2009

    It is a good thing that European political leaders striving to create new jobs "have also been trying to encourage start-up companies," argue members of the Science-Business Innovation Board (SBIB) in a January paper.

  • Jobs boom in Bulgaria leaves Roma behind

    Social Europe & Jobs 22-11-2007

    If no investment is made to mobilise the economic potential of Europe's largest minority - the Roma - they will remain in a "poverty trap", while Bulgarian economic growth is threatened by a lack of workers, writes Nikoleta Popokostadinova for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network.

  • Flexicurity: a European revolution

    Social Europe & Jobs 09-10-2007

    In this paper from the Robert Schuman Foundation, Philippe Garabiol outlines the advantages and disadvantages of the existing fexicurity models in Europe in order to define common principles for a European labour market.

  • Analysis: A primer on innovation and growth

    Innovation & Industry 03-11-2006

    This policy brief, written by Philippe Agion of the Bruegel think-tank, calls for an innovation and growth strategy in Europe that goes beyond simply increasing spending on research and development.