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Austria on brink of reaching self-imposed refugee limit

Austria's much-admonished annual limit on refugees could be met by mid-August at the current rate of intake. The country has already welcomed over 50% of the 37,500 figure it set for 2016, with an increase in new arrivals predicted for the coming weeks. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Regional Policy 25-04-2016

Majority of Austrians support increased border checks

Three quarters of Austrians are in favour of increased border security. The alpine republic's new interior minister is set to meet with South Tyrol's governor, with this pertinent information in his back pocket. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Vienna watchful over emergence of eastern Balkans refugee route

In Austria, the Turkey refugee deal has been met with scepticism. At the same time, Vienna is on the lookout for other routes that may be used by refugees to enter the EU. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Global Europe 10-03-2016

Turkey-EU refugee swap deal ‘temporary’: Netherlands

A proposed EU-Turkey deal to swap Syrian refugees one-for-one will be only "temporary" and a longer-term resettlement arrangement will be necessary, the Netherlands warned Thursday (10 March).
Global Europe 17-02-2016

Austria sets asylum limit as Eastern Europe hikes pressure

On the eve of a European Union summit to debate Europe's migrant crisis, Austria announced on Wednesday (17 February) a daily limit in the number of asylum requests, and eastern EU members set a mid-March deadline for a plan agreed with Turkey to bear fruit.

Daily limit on refugees still not enough for Austrians

Austria is now nearly in a position to introduce its daily limit on numbers. But for many Austrians, it does not go far enough. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Austrian Catholics decry lack of refugee charity

European borders are gradually becoming more opaque, as national governments struggle to come up with answers to the refugee crisis. The Catholic Church has criticised moves to limit the number of refugees entering the country. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Austria approves fence on Slovenian border

The Austrian government has, at the last hour, approved a control system on its border with Slovenia that will actually include a fence. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Schäuble: refugees like ‘avalanche’ triggered by ‘careless skier’

Germany's finance minister has warned that the influx of refugees could have a dramatic and unpredictable effect on the country. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Right-wing party files criminal complaint against Austrian government over refugee crisis

The chairman of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) has brought a criminal complaint against the Austrian government for its handling of the refugee crisis. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Germany to take 7,200 refugees a day

Austria, Germany and Slovenia have agreed upon a common strategy for dealing with a large amount of the refugees attempting to cross their borders. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Western Balkans route still preference of most refugees

The steady stream of refugees through the Balkans continues - while the national governments of their desired destinations are tightening their asylum laws in reaction. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Austria shelves border fence

After much back and forth, the Austrian government intends to control its Slovenian border without resorting to building fences. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Up to 50 migrants found dead in truck in Austria

A large number of migrants have been found dead inside a truck on a highway in Austria, police said on Thursday 27 August.