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Report: German legal experts say Poland has no right to WW2 reparations

German parliamentary legal experts, reacting to calls by some Polish politicians, have ruled that Warsaw has no right to demand Berlin pay reparations for World War Two, according to a document obtained by a German newspaper.
Global Europe 26-09-2016

CSU warns against Turkish visa liberalisation

Bundestag Vice-President Johannes Singhammer (CSU) has warned that refugee numbers would increase if plans to grant visa liberalisation to Turkey come to fruition. EURACTIV’s partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.

Reuniting refugee families ‘not a priority’ for Berlin

Recognised asylum seekers face huge difficulties bringing their families to Germany, Syrian refugees included. In comparison to other EU member states, Germany has particularly high bureaucratic requirements. EURACTIV's partner Tagesspiegel reports.
Enlargement 28-10-2015

Commission accused of playing ‘hide and seek’ with Ankara

Berlin is unhappy that the European Commission is allegedly withholding its new progress report on Turkey for political reasons. EURACTIV Germany reports.