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  • Dalli’s position ‘politically untenable’, says EU

    Promoted content | Health 23-10-2012

      The European Commission said on Monday that it was "pollitically untenable" for John Dalli to remain the EU Health Commissioner. Dalli resigned last week after an anti-fraud investigation linked him to attemps to influence EU tobacco legislation. The ex-commissioner denies any …

  • EU health commissioner resigns over anti-fraud case

    Health 16-10-2012

    The European Union's top health official resigned today (16 October) after an anti-fraud investigation connected him to an attempt to influence EU tobacco legislation, the European Commission said.

  • With growth in mind, leaders vow to put consumers first

    Health 10-02-2012

    Top EU officials pledge to give European shoppers powers to pursue fraudulent sellers and poor service across borders, saying better consumer protection will lift online trading and economic growth.

  • EU’s new animal welfare approach under fire

    Promoted content | Health 19-01-2012

    The European Commission said on Thursday that it is proposing a new long-term strategy for animal welfare. It said it's new approach is a "comprehensive" plan that wants to force members states to better apply existing rules that were introduced five years ago.
    Critics have repeatedly said the existing rules do not work because they lack economic incentives. The Commission now wants to introduce what it calls "cost-effective measures" to make it easier for member states to enact the European animal welfare rules.

  • Commission seeks stronger consumer complaints process

    Competition 30-11-2011

    The European Commission unveiled proposals yesterday (29 November) intended to make it easier for consumers who shop anywhere in the EU – including online – to file complaints against manufacturers without going to court.

  • Tobacco lobby threatens EU over plain packaging

    Health 10-11-2011

    EU Health Commissioner John Dalli will face legal action if he tries to reproduce Australia's plain-packaging proposals for cigarettes in Europe, a tobacco industry representative warned this week.

  • E.coli outbreak: EU representatives trade accusations

    Promoted content | Health 07-06-2011

    A European Union proposal to offer 150 million euros in compensation to farmers affected by an E.coli outbreak is insufficient and producers should be fully compensated, Spain's farm minister said on Tuesday in Luxembourg.
    Spanish fruit and vegetable producers have been hardest hit by the collapse in sales during the crisis, after German officials initially blamed cucumbers from Spain for causing the outbreak that has so far killed 22 people.

  • Commissioner apologises for Libya remarks

    Global Europe 07-03-2011

    John Dalli, EU commissioner for health and consumer protection, was forced to make a public apology after suggesting that Europe should refrain from "interfering" in the unfolding Libyan crisis, breaking ranks with the official line adopted by his own administration.

  • EU health chief: ‘eHealth is no science fiction’

    Health 21-10-2010

    New EU laws allowing patients to travel across borders for health care will be crucial to putting in place the legal framework for the development of e-health services in Europe, according to EU Health Commissioner John Dalli.

  • EU governments slam Brussels’ GM crops plan

    Agrifood 28-09-2010

    The European Commission's plans to hand over to member states the power to ban or authorise genetically modified (GM) crops were strongly criticised by key EU governments at an Agriculture Council yesterday (27 September). 

  • Dalli’s GM dilemma: Sound science or political nightmare?

    Agrifood 27-04-2010

    The EU has rightly identified innovation and science as major drivers for economic growth, but the European Commission should not attempt a ''politically bruising'' legislative review of genetically-modified (GM) approvals as it would only disadvantage farmers and hurt EU competitiveness, writes Martin Livermore, founder of public affairs consultancy Ascham Associates and director of the Scientific Alliance.

  • Commission gives green light to genetically-modified potato

    Agrifood 03-03-2010

    In a controversial move, the European Commission yesterday (2 March) gave the green light for the first genetically-modified potato to be cultivated in the European Union.