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Politics 31-05-2018

Former Commissioner takes UBS shilling as revolving door keeps turning

Swiss bank UBS has hired the UK's former European Commissioner, Jonathan Hill, to advise corporate customers about Brexit, it was revealed on Tuesday (29 May), prompting 'revolving door' concerns once again.
Economy & Jobs 31-10-2016

Parliament freezes Commissioners’ pensions over code of conduct row

EXCLUSIVE /  MEPs have responded to the recent conflicts of interest concerning members of the Barroso Commission by freezing part of the allowance granted to former Commissioners at the end of their mandate. EURACTIV France reports.
EU Priorities 2020 28-10-2016

Georgieva resigns to join World Bank

Commission Vice-President Kristalina Georgieva resigned on Friday (28 October) to take a job at the World Bank. EURACTIV France reports.
Jonathan Hill leaves his final press conference.
Euro & Finance 14-07-2016

UK Commissioner: After Brexit, resigning was the right thing to do

Britain’s outgoing Commissioner Jonathan Hill has said he resigned as a matter of principle after the UK’s vote to leave the European Union because the public feel that politicians do not take enough account of their opinions.
Brexit 13-07-2016

UK’s King could be a Commissioner ‘without portfolio’

The British ambassador to France, Sir Julian King, will take over as the UK's European Commissioner after the resignation of Jonathan Hill. It is not yet known which, if any, portfolio the diplomat will be given. EURACTIV France reports.
Brexit 06-07-2016

Cameron faces uphill battle to place new EU Commissioner

Prime Minister David Cameron has suggested naming Britain's Ambassador to France, Julian King, as its new member on the European Commission, EU sources said yesterday (5 July), but faces resistance from EU lawmakers.
Brexit 23-05-2016

UK Commissioner wades into Brexit debate

UK Commissioner Jonathan Hill has warned that Britain’s ‘Brexit’ from the EU would put London’s status as the bloc’s pre-eminent financial hub at risk.
Euro & Finance 12-04-2016

EU’s new tax haven blacklist doomed to failure, warn campaigners

New European Union rules to force multinational companies to publish their tax bills were criticised on Tuesday (12 April) by campaigners for being too weak to stop tax-dodging corporations hiding their profits.
Global Europe 11-02-2016

EU, US strike deal to avoid disrupting derivatives market

The European Union and the United States agreed yesterday (10 February) to accept each other's derivatives rules in a long-awaited step to avoid splitting the $550 trillion market.
Euro & Finance 24-11-2015

Commission aims at having full European deposit insurance scheme by 2024

Bank deposits within the EU up to 100,000 euros, no matter which bank or country they are in, should be guaranteed by 2024 by a European fund, the European Commission proposed on Tuesday (24 November).
Euro & Finance 30-10-2015

MEPs approve rules shining a light on ‘shadow banking’

Financial transactions using shares, or other assets, to secure credit, will come under greater scrutiny after the European Parliament approved a new law on Thursday (29 October) on the 'shadow banking' sector.
Euro & Finance 30-09-2015

Commission presents piecemeal Capital Markets Union strategy

The European Commission unveiled on Wednesday (30 September) its strategy to strengthen capital markets in Europe, and thus reduce the “very high dependence on bank funding", as President, Jean-Claude Juncker put it, when he took office last year.
Euro & Finance 18-09-2015

Hill woos bankers ahead of capital markets announcement

Days before the European Commission presents its long-awaited proposal to reduce the “very high” dependence on bank funding from European businesses, the executive appeared to have softened its tone towards the banking sector.
Jonathan Hill

France wants EU’s Capital Markets Union to back ‘European champions’

European Union plans to make its capital markets more efficient at raising funds for the economy could also help deepen eurozone monetary integration and create a new breed of European industrial champions, France has said.
Euro & Finance 21-04-2015

EU finance ministers asked to set Capital Markets Union priorities

The Latvian Presidency of the European Union has called on the EU to set out clear priorities in order to generate momentum for the Capital Markets Union plan to lift growth.
Brexit 20-03-2015

House of Lords praises Capital Markets Union

The House of Lords welcomed plans for a Capital Markets Union on Thursday (19 March), calling it “a major engine for stimulating growth.”
Jonathan Hill
Brexit 18-02-2015

EU law could boost ‘safe’ securitisation

The European Commission will consider reducing how much capital banks must hold against risk for a new class of asset-backed securities, a process of packaging and selling loans blamed for the financial crisis.
Euro & Finance 04-02-2015

Lord Hill: It’s time to refocus on growth

The EU should shift its focus from financial stability towards growth, according to Lord Hill, UK Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union.
Brexit 04-02-2015

European Commission mulls super-regulator for capital markets

EXCLUSIVE: The Commission is set to test the waters on creating a new super-regulator for capital markets, despite opposition from the larger member states when it publishes a green paper later this month.
Social media
Technology 27-01-2015

Commission: Beware digital media’s tribal lure

Digitisation poses a danger to media diversity and the EU should focus as much on content and quality as access issues within the European Commission’s digital single market strategy, a senior EU executive claimed recently.
Olivier Guersent, pictured on 14 Dec. 2012 at a dialogue seminar entitled "European Social Market Economy"
Brexit 22-01-2015

No super-regulator foreseen in EU plans for capital markets union, official says

The European Union's plan to build a capital market union (CMU) will not include a super-regulator for markets in the same way the European Central bank now supervises top eurozone lenders, a senior EU official said on Wednesday (21 January).
Euro & Finance 18-12-2014

New card payment caps agreed by Parliament, Council

An initial deal on capping fees charged for paying with debit or credit cards across the 28-nation European Union was reached yesterday (17 December) by the Council and parliament’s economic committee.
Euro & Finance 05-12-2014

EU may scrap plan to separate bank trading activities

The European Union may ditch plans to force banks to keep high-risk trading activities separate from their main businesses because of opposition from some member states.
Euro & Finance 19-11-2014

Hill wants telecoms lessons applied to retail financial services

The European Union should open up retail financial services to more competition to bring lower prices for consumers who will also then see how EU membership can produce tangible benefits, the bloc's new financial chief said on Tuesday (18 November).