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Energy 08-06-2021

Industry chief: Policymakers must set clear thresholds for low-carbon hydrogen

The way clean or low-carbon hydrogen is defined under the EU’s green finance taxonomy could have been more ambitious, with a higher emission saving threshold excluding all unabated fossil fuels from hydrogen manufacturing, says Jorgo Chatzimarkakis.
Elections 21-03-2013

Europe’s nationalist demons are not sleeping, they have already woken up

Holding together and strengthening the European Monetary Union is vital, but we must take care we do not sacrifice the foundations of peace and fraternity on which the European Union was founded, writes MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis.

Transparency International: Corruption fuels euro zone crisis

  Gaps in governance and corruption undermine Europe’s financial and economic stability  and have contributed to the euro zone crisis, a report presented yesterday (6 June) by Transparency International suggested.
Euro & Finance 09-07-2010

Greece needs a ‘Hercules Plan’

Evoking the spirit of Hercules and his twelve impossible tasks, German ALDE MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis believes Greece will have to reinvent its economy if it is to pay back the financial aid it has received. 
EU Priorities 2020 24-10-2008

Towards a European patriotism

"Discredited and inadequate national loyalties must give way to a new European patriotism," argues German ALDE MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis in the autumn edition of Europe's World.
Health 26-09-2006

‘Member states want to block any change on pharmaceuticals’

The first meeting of the High Level Pharmaceutical Forum (HLPF) is set to be difficult. In order to control the health costs, the member states are likely to block any change on the topics under discussion: pricing of medicines, the assessment of relative effectiveness of drugs and information for patients, argues MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis in an interview with EURACTIV.