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Future EU 11-01-2017

Macron shares vision of Europe in Berlin visit

Outside bet for the French presidency Emmanuel Macron called for renewed European sovereignty in a Berlin speech yesterday (10 January), as crucial elections loom large. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Enlargement 29-05-2015

Balkan leaders: ‘We are fed up with seminars’

Meeting in Tirana, the leaders of six Western Balkan countries told the European Union yesterday (28 May) that they were becoming impatient with their long wait to join the bloc, and needed EU funds to keep up reforms.
Former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer speaks at the dbb Forum in Berlin on Monday (24 November). [dbb/Jan Brenner]
Future EU 26-11-2014

Joschka Fischer: ‘Germans don’t care about Juncker’

If the Juncker Commission is Europe’s last hope “then we are done for”, said ex-foreign minister Joschka Fischer, claiming Germans do not care about the new Commission president. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Former German Minister of Foreign Affairs Joschka Fischer. March 2014 [boellstiftung/Flickr]
Central Asia 02-04-2014

Joschka Fischer: Putin eyes eastern Ukraine

In Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, the post-Soviet system is currently being overthrown, says Joschka Fischer. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Med & South 28-02-2011

The Middle East Awakening

Europe should provide long-term assistance for the democratic and economic development of the southern Mediterranean's post-dictatorship governments, argues German Green politician Joschka Fischer, a former foreign minister and vice-chancellor.
Energy 02-07-2010

Who ‘lost’ Turkey?

Recent events show that relations with Turkey deserve to be taken more seriously, writes Joschka Fischer, a former German vice-chancellor and foreign minister and former leader of the German Green Party.
Med & South 08-10-2008

Joschka Fischer: Europe needs an avant-garde

The Georgian crisis and the current financial crisis show that the EU needs an avant-garde capable of reacting because the alternative would be "to do nothing," former German foreign minister Joschka Fischer told EURACTIV in an interview.