About: José Manuel Barroso

Politics 12-09-2016

Juncker forces Barroso to face humiliating security checks in Brussels

José Manuel Barroso will face humiliating security checks after Jean-Claude Juncker, his successor as European Commission President,  stripped him of the privileges traditionally offered to visiting dignitaries in Brussels.
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Energy 31-10-2014

Ukraine, Russia, EU sign a $4,6 billion gas deal

After seven rounds of gas negotiations, Ukraine, Russia and the European Union signed a 4,6 billion dollar gas deal on Thursday. The agreement will see Moscow resume vital supplies of gas to its ex-Soviet neighbour over the winter in return for payments funded in part by Kyiv's Western creditors.
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Economy & Jobs 29-10-2014

Barroso says ‘adeus’ after 10 years

He has been the longest-serving EU leader. After 10 years in office, outgoing European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso gave his last press conference in Brussels on Wednesday.
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Brexit 24-10-2014

Barroso unaware of EU request for UK’s budget contribution increase

Speaking in a press conference after the European Council Summit early on Friday, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said that “he was not informed” about the EU's request for an additional 2.1 billion contribution from the UK towards the EU budget.
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Energy 24-10-2014

EU leaders set climate, energy targets

EU leaders agreed on Thursday to reduce greenhouse emissions by 40% by 2030. They also agreed to increase renewables and energy efficiency by at least 27%.
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EU Priorities 2020 22-10-2014

Barroso’s swan song

European Commission President José Manuel Durão Barroso held a final speech in the European Parliament on Tuesday after 10 years in office. Speaking for over half an hour, Barroso pointed out at what he considered the achievements of the Barroso II Commission, highlighting trade agreements, the Banking Union and the climate goals.
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Economy & Jobs 10-10-2014

Catalan official: “We cannot treat Catalonia like a third country”

“There is no provision in the EU treaties to describe a process like the one is happening in Catalonia”, says secretary for Foreign and EU Affairs of the Government of Catalonia Roger Albinyana.
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Brexit 19-09-2014

EU says Scotland’s NO vote good for “united and stronger” Europe

In a poll that attracted over 84% turnout, Scotland voted on Thursday to remain part of the United Kingdom by around 55% to 45%.
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Global Europe 18-09-2014

Europe awaits Scotland’s independence vote

"Should Scotland be an independent country?" Over 4 million Scots are set to go the polls on Thursday to answer this question and decide whether or not they want to stay part of the United Kingdom.
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Europe's East 29-08-2014

Merkel says EU summit will discuss more sanctions against Russia

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday that European leaders will discuss imposing new sanctions on Russia at an EU Summit in Brussels on Saturday (30 August). The summit was initially planned to decide top job appointments.
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Europe's East 27-06-2014

Barroso: Supporting Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine is a solemn commitment for the EU

Speaking at the Association Agreement signing ceremony between the EU and Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said that 'signing the agreements should not be seen as the end of the road, but the beginning of a journey'. 'They are not against anyone', Barroso added.
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EU Priorities 2020 27-06-2014

Barroso: European integration is a source of inspiration

Speaking ahead of a European Council meeting in Brussels, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said that 'despite all difficulties', the EU is signing and Association Agreements with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia on Friday.
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Economy & Jobs 25-06-2014

Barroso confirms former Finnish PM Katainen as Economics Commissioner

Finland's former Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen will become the new European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Commission President José Manuel Barroso confirmed on Wednesday.
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Europe's East 05-06-2014

G7 leaders threaten Russia with tougher sanctions over Ukraine

In their first meeting without Russia in 17 years, G7 leaders threatened Moscow with further sanctions if it does not help restore stability in eastern Ukraine.
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Global Europe 04-06-2014

G7 to urge Russia to ‘lay down’ energy as political weapon

President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso said on Wednesday that the G7 will urge Russia to 'lay down' energy as a political weapon.
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Energy 28-05-2014

Barroso warns Bulgaria on South Stream case: ‘We will act’

Speaking after EU leaders met in Brussels on Tuesday to discuss the aftermath of the European elections, Commission President José Manuel Barroso said that the EU executive would impose infringements on Bulgaria regarding the Gazprom-favoured South Stream pipeline, the construction of which is about to begin in breach with EU laws.
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Europe's East 22-05-2014

EU ‘committed’ to early signing of association agreement with Georgia

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso met Georgia's Prime Minister Irakli? Garibashvili on Wednesday in Brussels to discuss the EU-Georgia Association Agreement. Brussels and Tbilisi are due to sign a free trade agreement on June 27th.
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Energy 22-05-2014

Barroso: “Energy must not be abused as a political weapon”

After the March European Council conclusions, the European Commission will conduct an in-depth study of EU energy security and present a comprehensive plan for the reduction of EU energy dependence by June 2014.
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Energy 21-05-2014

Barroso urges Putin not to interrupt gas supply to Ukraine

The European Union urged Russia on Wednesday not to cut gas flows to Ukraine and to agree on a market-based gas price.
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Europe's East 13-05-2014

EU, Ukraine sign 1 billion euro aid deal

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk signed a financial aid agreement to Kiev during a visit by the Ukrainian government to Brussels on Tuesday.
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EU Priorities 2020 09-05-2014

Barroso: EU integration may be at risk

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso delivered a major speech on Thursday in Berlin on the occasion of Europe day, laying out his legacy and priorities for the future of the EU.
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Europe's East 07-05-2014

EU, Japan warn Russia not to deepen Ukraine crisis

During the 22nd EU-Japan Summit in Brussels, EU and Japanese leaders called on Russia on Wednesday to refrain from deepening the crisis in Ukraine and threatened Moscow with more sanctions
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Global Europe 07-05-2014

EU, Japan seek trade deal by 2015

Japan and the EU agreed on Wednesday to try to wrap-up free-trade negotiations next year, as EU leaders met Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met in Brussels for the 22nd EU-Japan Summit.
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Enlargement 30-04-2014

Barroso on EU enlargement anniversary: “Europe is stronger, richer and safer”

Europe will celebrate on Thursday the 10th anniversary of the most extensive EU enlargement ever. Ten years ago, on 1 May 2004, ten countries joined the EU: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Cyprus and Malta.