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  • Commission welcomes reverse gas flows from Slovakia to Ukraine

    Promoted content | Energy 28-04-2014

    The European Commission welcomed the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Monday enabling gas flows from Slovakia to Ukraine.

  • Commission reacts to Van Rompuy’s election anger

    Promoted content 23-04-2014

    European Commission spokesperson Jonathan Todd commented on Tuesday on the clash between European Council president Herman Van Rompuy's and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso over the procedure to appoint the next Commission President following the EU elections.

  • Barroso launches support group for Ukraine

    Promoted content | Europe's East 09-04-2014

    European Commission President José Manuel Barroso announced on Wednesday the creation of a support group to technically assist Ukraine with financial and political reforms. The initiative comes on top of the €11 billion in financial aid offered to Ukraine on the 5th March after Kiev signed the EU Association Agreement.

  • EU pledges extra funds for peace and security in Africa

    Promoted content | Development Policy 02-04-2014

    As African and European leaders are meeting for a 4-day Summit in Brussels, where more that 80 nations are attending, the European Union pledged on Wednesday to spend an extra 800 million euros on peacekeeping missions in Africa.

  • Obama says Russia ‘miscalculated’ EU, US reaction over Ukraine

    Promoted content | Europe's East 26-03-2014

    In his first visit to Brussels since he took office in 2009, US President Barack Obama repeatedly stressed that the US and the EU remain 'united' against Russia, after Moscow took over the Crimean peninsula earlier this month.

  • Obama: EU-US united in isolating Russia

    Promoted content | Europe's East 26-03-2014

    In his first visit to Brussels since he took office in 2009, US President Barack Obama spoke about the Ukrainian crisis and warned Russian President Vladimir Putin of “growing consequences for the Russian economy” over its annexation of the Crimean peninsula earlier this month.

  • World leaders cancel G8 Sochi summit, warn Russia of tougher sanctions

    Promoted content | Europe's East 25-03-2014

    It's the first time since Russia joined the G8 in 1998 that it will have been shut out of the annual summit of industrialised countries.

  • Commission proposes tool to fight ‘systemic threats’ to EU rule of law

    Promoted content | Future EU 11-03-2014

    The European Commission adopted on Tuesday a new framework to address systemic threats to the rule of law in any of the EU's 28 Member States.
    The new framework establishes an early warning tool allowing the Commission to enter into a dialogue with the Member State concerned to prevent the escalation of systemic threats to the rule of law.

  • Commission temporarily removes custom duties on Ukrainian EU exports

    Promoted content | Europe's East 11-03-2014

    The European Commission adopted a proposal on Tuesday to temporarily remove customs duties on Ukrainian exports to the EU.

  • EU leaders condemn Russia’s invasion of Crimea, suspend G8 Sochi summit preparations

    Promoted content | Europe's East 03-03-2014

    EU leaders and the international community have strongly condemned Russia's invasion of the Ukrainian region of Crimea, after thousands of Russian troops seized control of the area over the weekend. Ukraine already mobilised for war on Sunday.
    EU foreign affairs ministers are meeting on Monday in Brussels to seek for a common response to the crisis, which has already been dubbed the biggest confrontation between Russia and the West since the fall of the Soviet Union in the late '90.

  • European Parliament launches ‘own resources’ group

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 26-02-2014

    European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, European Parliament President Martin Schulz and Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras kicked off the European Parliament's 'own resources' group on Tuesday in Strasbourg. Chaired by former prime minister of Italy, Mario Monti, the High level he group has been tasked with studying the current system of income to the EU budget and suggesting possible improvements to it, as agreed by the institutions during negotiations on the EU's seven-year budget.

  • Cyber security takes centre stage at EU-Brazil summit

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 25-02-2014

    Brazil and the European Union agreed on Monday to lay an undersea communications cable from Lisbon to Fortaleza to reduce Brazil's reliance o the United States after Washington spied on Brasilia.
    At a summit in Brussels, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said the $185 million (€135 million) cable project was central to "guarantee the neutrality" of the Internet, signaling her desire to shield Brazil's Internet traffic from U.S. surveillance.

  • Barroso urges Russia ‘to guarantee a united Ukraine’

    Promoted content | Europe's East 25-02-2014

    Speaking at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso urged Russia on Monday to 'work constructively' with the EU to ensure the 'territorial integrity' of Ukraine.

  • EU Barroso calls for sanctions against Ukraine as violence escalates

    Promoted content | Europe's East 19-02-2014

    Following the escalation of violence between anti-government protesters and riot police in Ukraine, European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso called on EU member states on Wednesday to agree on "targeted" sanctions against the Ukrainian authorities.
    "It was with shock and utter dismay that we have been watching developments over the last 24 hours in Ukraine. There are no circumstances that can legitimise or justify such scenes." Barroso said.

  • Barroso: Renzi is a committed European

    Promoted content 14-02-2014

    After Italy's Prime Minister Enrico Letta resigned on Friday after his Democratic Party (PD) called for him to step aside to make way for a new government, President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso said that the EU executive “ remains confident in Italy's willingness and capacity to pursue its reform and consolidation efforts.”

  • Barroso criticises Switzerland after anti-immigration vote

    Promoted content | Global Europe 14-02-2014

    European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso warned Switzerland on Thursday that it risks loosing access to the European single market if it continues with plans to restrict EU immigration.
    Barroso's comments came after the Swiss government said on Wednesday it will draft legislation to limit immigration by the end of the year.

  • EU welcomes Cyprus reunification talks

    Promoted content | Global Europe 11-02-2014

    EU leaders welcomed on Tuesday the resuming of peace talks in divided Cyprus, in a fresh attempt to end one of Europe's most enduring conflicts and a decades-old obstacle to Turkey's hopes of joining the European Union.
    Leaders of the island's rival Greeks and Turks are due to meet in no-mans-land, at an airport compound in the capital Nicosia that was abandoned in past fighting and is now used as a base for the United Nations peacekeeping force. It will be their first formal encounter for almost 18 months.

  • EU warns Switzerland of consequences after anti-immigration referendum

    Promoted content | Global Europe 10-02-2014

    Brussels warned Switzerland on Monday that all their bilateral agreements will be revised, after the Swiss on Sunday narrowly backed a curb on EU immigration.
    50.3% of Swiss nationals voted yes to reintroducing immigration quotas on EU citizens, in a referendum heavily opposed by Swiss business leaders and the federal government.
    The European Commission heavily criticised the outcome of the vote, saying it goes against the principle of free movement of people.

  • Barroso plays down reports of large-scale aid for Ukraine

    Promoted content | Europe's East 04-02-2014

    The European Union played down reports on Monday that it was working on a large aid package to help Ukraine through its economic crisis, saying it had no intention of getting into a bidding war with Moscow to buy Ukraine's loyalty.

  • EP Best of 2013: main events and legislative work

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 30-01-2014

    Video highlights of the European Parliament's work throughout 2013, grouped by theme: More Europe, Legislative Work, Foreign Relations, and Education & Culture.

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  • Putin reaffirms loan, energy offer to Ukraine at EU-Russia summit

    Promoted content | Global Europe 29-01-2014

    In his first meeting with EU leaders since violent anti-government protests began in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin travelled to Brussels on Tuesday to deliver one clear message:
    Russia's offer to Ukraine of a $15 billion loan and gas price reductions still remains on the table, even if the new government is run by the opposition. But Putin also warned that Russia would closely monitor Ukraine's economic policies to make sure it gets its money back.

  • EU’s Barroso welcomes abolishment of anti-protest law in Ukraine

    Promoted content | Europe's East 28-01-2014

    Speaking at a press conference in Brussels after the EU-Russia summit on Tuesday, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso welcomed the decision of the Ukrainian parliament to abolish an 'anti-protest law' approved last week.

  • Putin: Russia will support Ukraine regardless of government

    Promoted content | Europe's East 28-01-2014

    Speaking at a press conference in Brussels after the EU-Russia summit on Tuesday, Russia's president Vladimir Putin said that Russia will not review current agreements on loans and gas price cuts with Ukraine, even “if the opposition will take power”.

  • EU ‘strongly’ condemns violence in Ukraine and calls for restrain

    Promoted content | Europe's East 28-01-2014

    Speaking at a press conference in Brussels after the EU-Russia summit on Tuesday, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy 'strongly' condemned recent violent episodes in Ukraine and 'call for restrain'.
    'We want fundamental freedoms, such as the freedom of expression and assembly, preserved', Herman Van Rompuy added.