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  • EU condemns violence in Ukraine and calls for restrain

    Promoted content | Europe's East 28-01-2014

    Speaking at a press conference in Brussels after the EU-Russia summit on Tuesday, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy 'strongly' condemned recent violent episodes in Ukraine and 'call for restrain'.  We want fundamental freedoms, such as the freedom of expression and assembly, preserved, Herman Van Rompuy added.

  • Video shows Ukrainian police hitting and humiliating protester in freezing temperatures

    Promoted content | Europe's East 24-01-2014

    An unidentified video released on Youtube shows Ukrainian police hitting and humiliating a protester who is completely naked in sub-zero temperatures.
    The man is forced to stand naked in the snow while police officers take pictures of him before he is pushed into a police. According to the Ukrainian daily Kiev Post, the incident happened last Tuesday.
    The Ukrainian police has issued an official apology and the Ukrainian Interior Ministry called the police officers' behaviour 'unacceptable'.

  • EU leaders visit Ukraine to mediate as violence spreads beyond Kyiv

    Promoted content | Europe's East 24-01-2014

    As anti-government violent demonstrations spread across Ukraine, EU Enlargement commissioner Stefan Fule travelled to Kyiv on Friday in an attempt to calm tensions and help dialogue.
    Fule's trip comes after Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich held unsuccessful talks with opposition leaders on Thursday aimed at putting an end to over 2 months of unrest.

  • Barroso to Yanukovich: There will be consequences if violence does not stop in Ukraine

    Promoted content | Europe's East 23-01-2014

    As the situation in Ukraine evolves toward civil war, Commission President José Manuel Barroso proposed on Thursday to send the EU’s top diplomats to Kyiv to help dialogue and calm down the situation. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich reportedly accepted the mediation and assured Barroso that he didn’t foresee to install a state of emergency in Ukraine.

  • Green MEPs, NGOs protest Commission’s new 2030 climate and energy targets

    Promoted content | Energy 22-01-2014

    Chanting “Frack off  Barroso” and “Climate SOS”, Green MEPs and NGOs gathered on Wednesday in front of the European Commission in Brussels to protest against the EU's new climate and energy targets for 2030.
    Dubbing the new proposals 'ambitious, affordable and realistic', the EU's executive is pushing for a binding 40% reduction in carbon emissions from 1990 levels.

  • Barroso warns Ukraine of ‘possible actions’

    Promoted content | Europe's East 22-01-2014

    President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso condemned on Wednesday recent episodes of violence in Ukraine and warned of 'possible actions' the EU might take if the Ukrainian government does not address the situation.

  • Barroso: We don’t want first and second class citizens in Europe

    Promoted content | Brexit 16-01-2014

    The European Commission accused countries that want to limit the free movement of people in the European Union of indulging in chauvinism and stereotypes, an apparent reference to Britain's increasingly staunch views on migration.

  • Greece assumes EU rotating presidency

    Promoted content 09-01-2014

    Greece took over the presidency of the European Union on Wednesday, with one of the lowest presidency budgets in history: €50 million for the next six months.
    Strained by a long-lasting economic crisis, Greece aims to use its EU presidency to regain trust among its European partners.

  • Barroso’s answer to Mas: Catalonia’s referendum on independence is a Spanish debate

    Promoted content 08-01-2014

    20 days is how long Catalonia's President Artur Mas had to wait to get an answer from Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso. Earlier in December, Mas sent Barroso a letter seeking his support for the Spanish region to hold a referendum on independence next November.
    But once again Brussels refused to comment on what they see as a 'political internal matter', adding that the Commission has no powers to judge the situation.

  • Barroso: ‘This is the beginning of the end of bank bailouts’

    Promoted content | Global Europe 20-12-2013

    As EU leaders gather in Brussels for the last EU summit of the year, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso welcomed the political agreement reached by EU finance ministers on the Banking Union plan, adding that 'it was supported politically by the European Council'. 'While the Commission would have preferred the system based fully on the community approach, we welcome the important progress made by the Council. It is a sound basis for the negotiations with the European Parliament.' Barroso said.

  • Commission hails final decision to bring Azeri gas to Europe

    Promoted content | Energy 17-12-2013

    Backers of Azerbaijan's Shah Deniz II gas project signed on Tuesday a final investment decision, with a view to pumping natural gas to Europe from 2019. Commission President José Manuel Barroso hailed the Shah Deniz decision as “a strategic door opener” for stronger EU energy security.

  • Ashton to visit Kyiv amid Ukraine’s anti-government protests

    Promoted content | Europe's East 09-12-2013

    60.000 people, according to the Ukrainian police. Thousands more according to unofficial sources.
    This bird's eye view of Kyiv's Independence square shows the anti-government rally held in the Ukrainian capital on Sunday, the biggest street protest since the Orange Revolution over 10 years ago.

  • EU leaders mourn Nelson Mandela’s death

    Promoted content | Global Europe 06-12-2013

    EU Flags are flying at half mast at the European Commission and the European Parliament as Europe pays tribute to a man who spent 27 years in jail to defend freedom and defeat racism.
    Former South African President Nelson Mandela died on Thursday at the age of 95, leaving the world mourning one of the greatest figures of the 20th century.
    EU leaders gave their condolences on Friday, calling him a person 'with profound humanity, moral integrity and authority'.

  • European leaders intensify fight against youth unemployment

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 13-11-2013

    Twenty-four EU leaders gathered in Paris on Tuesday to confirm their commitment to fight youth unemployment, promising to mobilise €45 billion. EURACTIV France reports.

  • Commission to investigate Germany’s current account surplus

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 13-11-2013

    The European Commission announced on Wednesday it will launch an investigation into Germany's economy. The EU executive fears the high current account surplus of the biggest economy in Europe may be damaging the eurozone economy.
    The announcement came after the US critised Germany, accusing Berlin of relying too much on exports and not doing enough to raise demand at home, which could hamper Europe's economic stability.

  • EU leaders meet UK business figures

    Promoted content | Data protection 25-10-2013

    In a bid to 'cut red tape to foster growth and jobs in Europe', UK Prime Minister David Cameron is hosting a meeting in Brussels with British business leaders and his European Union counterparts.
    As EU leaders gather in Brussels for a 2-day summit, Cameron has called for EU's regulations on businesses to be simplified.

  • Barroso, Van Rompuy: EU-US relations must be based on respect, trust

    Promoted content | Data protection 25-10-2013

    Speaking in a press conference after the first meetings of a 2-day gathering of EU leaders in Brussels, President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy said that relations between the EU and the Us should be based on mutual 'respect and trust'.
    Following allegations that the US had been tapping German Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone, Van Rompuy defended the Franco-German initiative of seeking further clarification from the US.

  • Barroso warns MEPs EU is running out of cash

    Promoted content | EU Priorities 2020 23-10-2013

    Only hours before EU leaders are due to meet in Brussels, President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso called on MEPs and European governments to reach a deal on the 2013 EU budget.
    During a plenary session in Strasbourg on Wednesday, Barroso warned that he EU's executive is running out of money and might not be able to pays its bills as from mid-November.
    According to the Commission, the current shortfall is due to unexpected low income from European imports duties.

  • Barroso’s speech at the UN Millenium Development Goals Summit in New York

    Promoted content | Development Policy 27-09-2013

    Speech by President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso at the Opening of the Special Event on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the margins of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. A roadmap to an agreement on a new list of sustainable development targets to replace the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2015 was agreed at the summit on 25 September.

  • New Deal for Somalia is no ‘business as usual’, says EU Commission

    Promoted content | Development Policy 16-09-2013

    The European Commission pledged €650 million additional aid for the next three years for Somalia at a joint EU-Somalia conference yesterday (16 September), aimed at helping Mogadishu’s path towards peace and state building.

  • Cameron hits back at Barroso in eurosceptic row

    Promoted content | Brexit 13-09-2013

    British Prime Minister David Cameron struck back at European Commission President on Thursday after José Manuel Barroso accused the British Conservative party of turning eurosceptic to win over more votes.

  • Barroso appeals to British Conservatives: ‘Make the case for Europe’ or suffer at the polls

    Promoted content 11-09-2013

    President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso lashed out at British Conservative leader Martin Callanan during a parliamentary debate on Wednesday in Strasbourg.
    Speaking after his annual State of the Union speech in the European Parliament, Barroso said that “I start to have some doubts that you are going to be elected yourself in Britain, if it’s not going to be Ukip as the first force in British elections.”

  • Barroso calls for political union, criticises eurosceptics

    Promoted content | EU Elections 2014 11-09-2013

    President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso warned on Wednesday that political instability is the biggest risk to Europe's future. He attacked his Eurosceptic critics and called for a stronger European Union. Addressing the European Parliament in what most likely will be his last 'State of the Union' speech, Barroso urged EU leaders to continue implementing reforms, as the bloc slowly leans towards economic recovery. 

  • MEPs debate after Barroso’s ‘State of the Union’ speech

    Promoted content 11-09-2013

    European Parliament political leaders held a heated debate on Wednesday in the European Parliament after European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso delivered his 'State of the Union' speech.
    Barroso warned that political instability is the biggest risk to Europe's future and urged EU leaders to continue implementing reforms, as the bloc slowly leans towards economic recovery.

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