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Elections 07-04-2011

Portugal seeks bailout amid political crisis

Portugal's caretaker government said yesterday (6 April) it had decided to seek financing from the European Union, in an abrupt turnaround after resisting a bailout for months despite sharply deteriorating financial conditions.
Elections 01-04-2011

Portugal sets snap election as crisis deepens

Portugal's President Aníbal Cavaco Silva dissolved parliament yesterday (31 March) and set a snap general election for 5 June, warning that the next government faced an "unprecedented economic crisis".
Elections 21-03-2011

Portugal’s government ‘likely’ to be toppled

Portugal's main opposition Social Democrats (PSD) again refused today (21 March) to back new government austerity measures, raising the risk that the minority administration of Prime Minister José Sócrates could fall after a vote just before a key EU summit to be held at the end of the week.
Elections 17-03-2011

Early election gamble further weakens Portugal

Portugal saw its credit ranking downgraded by two notches yesterday (16 March), after the country's Prime Minister José Sócrates warned earlier this week that if his cabinet were to fall over proposed austerity measures, the country would have to seek a bailout from the EU.