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Europe’s media freedom increasingly under attack, report warns

A "climate of impunity" has taken hold in parts of Europe, where media freedom is increasingly under attack, the annual report to the Council of Europe Platform for the Protection of Journalism and Safety of Journalists has warned.
Brexit 08-02-2019

The Brief – When words fail…

Almost as wearisome as the endless, and largely futile, trips by Theresa May and her minions to Brussels is the jumble of obscure, and sometimes, misleading jargon used to describe the Brexit process.
#Media4EU 28-08-2018

Leading journalists join call for EU copyright reform

Leading journalists from more than 20 countries joined a call Tuesday (27 August) for European MPs to approve a controversial media reform aimed at forcing internet giants to pay for news content.
Development Policy 19-02-2018

Radio and theatre help bring peace in South Sudan

Radio programmes and participatory theatre are playing a strong role in reducing rumours and inflammatory speech that divide communities in South Sudan. EURACTIV spoke to a person instrumental in the project, who received a prestigious award last week.
#Media4EU 28-04-2017

NGO: Freedom of the press at lowest point in 13 years

With populism and authoritarianism on the rise in many countries, global press freedom has taken a blow. In fact, it is at its lowest point in 13 years, according to a US-funded research and advocacy organisation.
#Media4EU 06-04-2017

News agencies join forces for EU data journalism site

AFP, the French international news agency, is joining forces with Italy's ANSA and Germany's DPA to launch a new website offering data journalism on the European Union.
#Media4EU 22-03-2017

Erasmus4Media: Exchanging media professionals could solve sector’s crisis

European media organisations have responded to the sector's crisis by focusing on domestic markets, while online platforms confirm their global vocation. But what if the key to success was more cooperation?
#Media4EU 21-03-2017

Wanted: New revenue models for European media

After the death of the print advertising model, news outlets are struggling to find sustainable solutions to fund quality journalism. Most publishers now diversify their activities by organising events, trying out new formats and forging long-term partnerships with the private sector.
#Media4EU 20-03-2017

How traditional media can beat populism on the web 2.0

There is a dire need for the traditional media to change radically so that it can compete with social platforms in today’s information market and counter populist propaganda effectively.
Education 13-02-2017

Elite French school chooses ‘figure of emancipation’ Louise Weiss as patron

France’s prestigious National School of Administration adopted the great feminist, journalist and European activist Louise Weiss as its patron for the class of 2016-2017. EURACTIV France reports.
Central Europe 16-12-2016

Poland moves to limit media access to parliament

A Polish plan to curb media access to parliament spurred widespread protests by non-state media on Friday (16 December), amid concern the government is intent on curtailing freedom of press.
Enlargement 08-11-2016

European journalists brand Turkey ‘biggest prison in the world’

The Association of European Journalists (AEJ) has called on the European institutions to exert more pressure on Turkey, in face of further restrictions on freedom of expression and the press. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Global Europe 12-10-2016

EU shortlists Turkish journalist for rights prize

An exiled Turkish journalist, a Crimean Tartar activist and two Yazidi victims of the Islamic state group were shortlisted Tuesday (11 October) for the European Parliament's prestigious Sakharov human rights prize.
Enlargement 19-09-2016

Serbia’s media privatisation leaves bitter aftertaste

The privatisation of media in Serbia has left the sector looking bleak. Many media providers have been shut down, more than 1,000 journalists and other media professionals have lost their jobs, and the survival of many of the privatised media is uncertain. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Digital & Media 12-01-2016

Journalists and whistleblowers protected under new Trade Secrets Directive

The final version of the EU's draft Trade Secrets Directive provides greater legal protection for journalists and whistleblowers who act in the public interest. EURACTIV France reports.
Digital & Media 05-05-2015

News industry turning mobile, US study shows

SPECIAL REPORT / The news industry is struggling with a shift to mobile, getting scant revenues as more readers turn to smartphones and tablets for information, according to new research published in April.
Public Affairs 14-09-2010

Journalists call for ‘Internet tax’ to rescue media

The main journalist trade union in Europe and the UK wants citizens to be given 'European Democracy Vouchers', funded by internet service providers, which can be used to buy newspapers and pay for online media subscriptions.
Public Affairs 14-05-2008

Survey: PR people ‘wasting journalists’ time’

Professional "communicators" of all kinds are wasting their time trying to pitch stories to the European press, concluded APCO consultants in a survey carried out in co-operation with Journalists at Your Service (J YS), a help centre for Brussels-based reporters.
Public Affairs 26-11-2007

‘National angle’ continues to dominate EU news reporting

Editors in European capitals are increasingly interested in the EU's role as a global player but still insist on giving a 'national angle' to news reporting in order to give EU affairs a 'human face', EURACTIV heard at its annual conference earlier this month.
Public Affairs 29-10-2007

EURACTIV survey reveals shift in focus of EU media

A new survey conducted among journalists covering EU policies to be released on 8 November shows how the media's top priorities are increasingly shifting towards energy, foreign affairs and environment-related issues. The study also reveals the emergence of new internet tools, such as blogs, highlighting a trend towards decentralisation of communication channels.
Public Affairs 17-11-2006

Brussels journalists give tips on media relations

EURACTIV manual receives input from Brussels journalists, NGOs and civil servants on how to draw up good media relations strategy.
Public Affairs 25-10-2006

Media survey stirs debate on perception of EU actors

A new survey presented by EURACTIV and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) raise a debate on the relationship of EU actors and the media. The poll and subsequent discussions show that there is still room for improvement.  
EU Priorities 2020 11-04-2005

No privileges for German in Commission press conferences

The row that broke out over the addition of German as an 'automatic' language in press conferences alongside French and English has been resolved.
Security 28-03-2003

Iraq war becoming media war

The media's role has never been more intense than since the start of the Iraq war: no wonder the controversies surrounding it.