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Energy 01-10-2021

The lesser-known hydrogen roadblock: safety concerns

The high flammability of hydrogen – a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas – has prompted EU lawmakers to ensure that potential safety issues do not stymie the market uptake of this rather novel energy carrier.
Agrifood 24-08-2021

Green agri goals achievable but risk being undermined by carbon leakage – report

Sustainability goals in the agrifood sector are achievable but risk being undermined by weak trade policies, a new assessment by the European Commission’s in-house scientists has found.
Agrifood 26-06-2019

Dual food quality: no East-West divide, but different compositions persist

A report published by the European Commission's research body on Monday (24 June) found that there is no 'East-West food quality discrimination in Europe'. It said there was no consistent geographical pattern in the use of same or similar packaging for products with different compositions.
Climate change 28-11-2016

EU stalls pledge to carry out independent checks on car emissions

Plans for independent checks of how much pollution new cars emit are being killed off by EU member states, according to leaked documents seen by EURACTIV's partner The Guardian.
Energy 14-08-2016

Europe’s broken biofuels policy

Public policy should be built on firm foundations. Objective analysis, verifiable facts and solid science are good starting points, but that was absent in biofuels policy-making, writes Dick Roche.

EU scientists’ biofuels warnings were ignored

EXCLUSIVE / The European Commission ignored an internal recommendation from its own scientists for mandatory carbon accounts and crop-specific measurements in a proposal to address the Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC) from biofuels production.

FP7: simplification and more business orientation

The Commission proposes to more than double the current EU research budget to an average of 9.6 billion euros a year (67 billion in 7 years) instead of the current yearly average of 3.8 billion euros. The big budget is in line with the expected key contribution the FP7 is designed to make to the relaunched Lisbon strategy.
Development Policy 16-02-2005

Brief – Earth observation benefits many EU policies

Monitoring water and air quality, forecasting crop production, improving airline safety, preventing forest fires, managing crisis and humanitarian aid and preventing fraud in agriculture are just a few examples of direct benefits from satellites observing the Earth.
Climate change 05-05-2004

EU competitiveness unhurt by clean air laws, according to Commission report

Commission Enterprise DG's latest research shows air pollution legislation has had no major impact on EU competitiveness. It goes on to assess the effects of future legislation.

‘Smart construction materials’ to make air cleaner

An EU consortium of public and private researchers has developed innovative construction materials capable of capturing and eliminating air pollutants.
Climate change 28-10-2003

Ozone smog: ministers agree to limit emissions from paints and varnishes

On 27 October, the Environment Council reached a political agreement limiting the emissions of volatile organic compounds in paints, varnishes and vehicle refinishing products.
Security 07-10-2003

Study seeks balance between security and privacy in digital age

The balance between the European citizens' security and privacy in the post-11 September digital context is the focus of a new study by the Commission's Joint Research Centre.
Climate change 25-09-2003

Indoor air pollution is more dangerous than the outdoor one

On 22 September, the Joint Research center of the Commission released a remarkable study on the health risks of indoor air pollution.
Climate change 07-08-2003

Heatwave raises new demands for European approach to ozone smog

The high summer temperatures are leading to potentially harmful ground-level ozone concentrations in several Member States, giving rise to new calls for a stricter EU policy on air pollution.
Enlargement 03-04-2003

EU Joint Research Centre promotes research co-operation with Romania

The Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) has organised two seminars in Romania with the aim of promoting partnerships with research organisations and integrate Romania into the European Research Area (ERA).
Climate change 15-03-2002

Parliament adopted report on the Clean Air programme

On 13 March 2002, the European Parliament voted on the proposed programme for "Clean Air for Europe" (CAFE). The rapporteur's opinion was accepted without any problems.
Climate change 13-02-2002

European Parliament to discuss Clean Air programme

The European Parliament's Environment Committee is to start its discussion of the proposed programme for "Clean Air for Europe" (CAFE) on 20 February. The programme would replace many of the existing legal acts on air pollution and provide an integrated framework for air quality and emission ceilings.
Climate change 26-10-2001

Conciliation agreement on ozone in ambient air

The Conciliation Committee between the European Parliament and the Council reached a compromise on the directive on summer time ozone levels. The compromise foresees that Member States will have to ensure that WHO standards for ozone levels are not exceeded more than 25 days each year from 2010 onwards.
Climate change 05-07-2001

Air pollution laws passed

Council and Parliament reach agreement on two complementary EU air quality directives
Climate change 15-06-2001

European Parliament wants stronger ozone directive

In second reading of ozone directive, European Parliament calls for stricter rules to limit ozone levels in ambient air
Climate change 11-10-2000

Environment ministers agree to fight ground-level ozone

EU environmental ministers approved proposals by the European Commission to limit ozone levels in the ambient air.

Environment Council agrees to curb air pollution

EU environment ministers agreed on new measures to curb air pollution from power generators and set ceilings for four major air pollutants.
Climate change 22-06-2000

Environment ministers seek compromise on air pollution directives

EU environment ministers, meeting in Luxembourg on 22 June, will try to reach a compromise on two directives concerning air pollution.