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Politics 17-02-2021

Dutch coronavirus curfew upheld temporarily after legal setback

Appellate judges ruled on Tuesday (16 February) that a night-time curfew would remain in place in the Netherlands pending a government appeal of a lower-court ruling that found the measure lacked legal justification.
Global Europe 27-10-2020

Trump celebrates at White House as Supreme Court nominee confirmed

President Donald Trump reveled in one of his signature achievements on Monday (26 October) at a White House ceremony to celebrate US Senate confirmation of his third Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, eight days before the election.
Europe's East 25-09-2020

Ukraine conference flops after controversial judge prompts EU no show

EU policymakers and civil servants cancelled their participation in an online conference dedicated to Ukraine when they learned the day before that a controversial high-ranking judge would sit on the Kyiv panel, EURACTIV has learned.
Elections 08-03-2017

Polish government moves to increase parliament’s powers over judiciary

The Polish government approved yesterday (7 March) a draft bill that would give parliament a bigger say on the appointment of judges, a move the country's top judiciary council and ombudsman said would violate the constitutional separation of powers.
Global Europe 03-08-2016

Renzi: ‘Italian judges do not answer to Erdogan’

Rome and Ankara bickered yesterday (2 August) over an Italian investigation into accusations that Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan's son Bilal laundered money.
Aivaras Abromavicius [Georgi Gotev]

Economy minister: Every single judge in Ukraine is corrupt

First and foremost, Ukraine needs a rule of law, so judicial reforms need to be passed. Everybody knows that every single judge in Ukraine is corrupt, and most of them need to be changed, Aivaras Abromavicius, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

Romanian crackdown on petty bribery insufficient?

Despite Bucharest's now regular reporting to Brussels on a series of crackdowns on petty bribery, high-level politicians in the EU appear immune to such investigations, meaning a crucial monitoring report by the Commission on corruption in Romania, expected this July, could still be rather damning. 
Health 26-06-2002

Industry wants EU food law implemented in candidates before accession

The EU Confederation of the food and drink industries agrees with the Commission that the candidates should integrate most of the EU food law before their accession and not be granted derogations on food safety.
Enlargement 21-06-2002

EU sets up networks to help candidate countries apply EU law

The Commission has decided that five candidate countries can participate in the Interchange of Data between Administrations in order to get assistance with the application of EU law.
Enlargement 06-06-2002

Candidate countries need to improve administrative and judicial capacities

The Commission has urged the candidate countries to strengthen their administrative and judicial capacities in order to be able to effectively implement EU laws and fight corruption. In a report to the EU Seville Summit, the Commission warned that the candidates lack the means to ensure proper use of EU farm and regional aid, to ensure proper food safety, and to guarantee minority rights.