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Transport 13-05-2015

Moving EU money to Juncker Plan could hurt transport investment

Reallocating Connecting Europe Facility and Horizon2020 money to the Juncker Investment Plan could prevent sustainable urban and public transport infrastructure getting the finance it needs, write Alain Flausch and Karen Vancluysen.

A proposal to finance low carbon investment in Europe

“Where there is danger, the rescue grows as well” says the German poet Hölderlin in his famous evocation of the Greek island of Patmos. Should we read it as a message of hope for the European Union in 2015? This year is indeed perilous in many respects for the bloc’s economy, but it is also rich in new opportunities, write Michel Aglietta, Étienne Espagne and Vincent Aussilloux.
Social justice 05-03-2015

The Juncker Plan must not be a missed opportunity for gender equality

SPECIAL REPORT / The exclusive focus of the Juncker Plan on physical infrastructure spending and investment in male-dominated industries will further undermine progress towards gender equality, write Giovanni Cozzi and Jerome De Henau.
Siegfried Muresan
Euro & Finance 02-02-2015

Making the EFSI a solution for investments in Europe

The Juncker investment plan will struggle to attract investment in the regions where it is most needed, argues Siegfried Mure?an, unless certain clear ground rules are established.
Global Europe 12-01-2015

The EU needs a fresh boost… fast!

The European authorities appointed in the wake of the 2014 elections have an historic, not to say overwhelming, task ahead of them, write Jacques Delors, Pascal Lamy, and António Vitorino.
Euro & Finance 17-12-2014

A silver bullet for restarting growth in Europe

The Investment Fund by the European Commission cannot be expected to foster jobs and growth up to the end of 2016. An alternative- or a way to bridge the gap- would be to allow member countries to invest into pre-specified drivers of growth outside the limits of the Fiscal Pact, writes Karl Aiginger.
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Euro & Finance 27-11-2014

Juncker’s investment plan: good, but too small

It is time for Europe to embark on a new trajectory where meaningful increased investment, growth and jobs are at the core. The Juncker plan as it is currently formulated is encouraging; however, it only represents a fairly small first step in this direction, write Giovanni Cozzi and Stephany Griffith-Jones.