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Politics 17-10-2018

Green leader: Bavaria state elections were another step towards new national elections

Green politician Jürgen Trittin discusses the consequences of the Bavarian state election on German national politics and his party's new role in the shifting political landscape. An interview by EURACTIV Germany’s media partner Der Tagesspiegel.
Energy 15-10-2015

German nuclear providers to bear phase-out costs

The decommissioning costs of German nuclear power plants should be covered by the big energy companies, not the taxpayer, according to the government. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Former German environment minister Jürgen Trittin is warning the  EU against self-destructive behaviour with regard to 2030 climate and energy targets. [Stephan Röhl]

Europe warned on ‘low carbon leakage’ if it falters on renewables

Ahead of an EU summit which is expected to agree on energy and climate goals for 2030, a new study by the European Climate Foundation is calling for binding targets to avoid low-carbon technologies from moving outside of Europe and putting 600,000 jobs at risk. EURACTIV Germany reports.
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. [The Council of European Union]
Global Europe 22-08-2014

Germany debates role of Bundestag in approving arms shipments to Iraq

The German government has announced its intention to send weapons to northern Iraq to support the offensive against radical Islamist forces, but the move has sparked debate over the Bundestag's participation in such decisions. EURACTIV Germany reports.