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Economy & Jobs 11-02-2019

Why do foreign investors leave Bulgaria as if it were the Titanic?

Despite being one of the most beautiful countries in the European Union, despite having talented and educated people, despite a favourable tax environment, Bulgaria is likely to stay as the poorest in the EU, and to continue losing its population, writes Blaga Thavard.

Bulgaria and Romania twenty years later

Twenty years after Bulgaria and Romania applied for membership in 1995, and almost a decade after their 2007 accession, their people still feel like second class EU citizens, writes Sir Michael Leigh.
Central Europe 11-06-2015

Why the West wants Romania to be less corrupt

Some members of the Bucharest elite had overt connections with the Kremlin. For the US and the EU, a stable Romania immune to Russian political influence is a priority, writes Stratfor.

The case of Judge Todorova, or what is wrong with justice in Bulgaria

Judges in Bulgaria are sanctioned not when they commit a violation, but when they disobey, writes Ivanka Ivanova.

Implications of the Reform Treaty for EU Justice and Home Affairs policies

The field of Justice and Home Affairs is among those most "fundamentally changed" by the Reform Treaty, write Sergio Carrera and Florian Geyer in a 17 August 2007 paper for the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).
Security 20-11-2006

Communicating (in)Security: A Failure of Public Diplomacy?

This paper, published by CEPS, examines EU difficulties in communicating its security agenda clearly to citizens.
Security 12-07-2004

What European Union Strategy for Integrating Migrants?

The success of a common migration policy depends on the successful integration of immigrants into the host society. This conference report adresses what should be the policy objectives of an integration policy at EU level.

After Madrid – avoiding a “clash of civilisations”

This report argues that Europe must tackle root causes of terrorism actively. It examines the path to ensure the security of the Union against terrorism while guaranteeing the rights and civil liberties of Europe's law-abiding Muslim population.
Security 08-04-2004

Police and Judicial Co-operation in Criminal Matters: Will the EU Constitutional Treaty Keep it Toge

This analysis states that while enhanced cooperation on police and security might risk institutional rupture and legal fragmentation, it could also facilitate a “bottom-up” process of successful cooperation in criminal justice.
Security 08-04-2004

The Brussels European Council – A new mood of grim political determination

John Palmer, Political Director of the European Policy Centre, analyses the outcome of the meeting of the Spring European Council 2004.
Security 15-01-2004

Justice and Home Affairs after the 2004 Enlargement

This article looks at the key post-enlargement challenges and at the various possibilities for enhancing decision-making and implementation capabilities in the field of JHA.
Defence policy 07-01-2004

The construction of an area of freedom, security and justice

This report of a conference held by Europartenaires on 8 October 2003 with Commissioner Vitorino on Justice and Home Affairs, outlines the main aspects of the future European area of freedom, security and justice.

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