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Politics 31-01-2022

Cyprus high court quashes UK woman’s ‘fake rape’ conviction

Cyprus's highest court on Monday (31 January) quashed the conviction of a British woman found guilty by a lower court of faking a claim that she was gang-raped on the island in 2019, lawyers said.

Anger, reflection as Northern Ireland marks 50 years since ‘Bloody Sunday’

Relatives of 13 civil rights protesters shot dead in Northern Ireland by British soldiers 50 years ago demanded justice on Sunday (30 January), as they commemorated one of the darkest days in modern UK history.
Global Europe 25-10-2021

Despite calls, Albania remains reluctant to find its 6,000 missing communism victims

Nazmi Uruci's descendants have been searching for his remains for almost 80 years. Born in northern Albania in 1904, Nazmi was a customs official during the short reign of Albania's first and last reigning monarch, King Zog.

EU citizens at a legal crossroad

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The Single Market has torn down the economic barriers all across the EU but the legal discrepancies still stand and citizens find themselves too often at a legal crossroad. A strong EU justice system and legal cooperation across the bloc is key to help Europeans deal with their day to day problems.
Future EU 02-10-2019

Commissioner hearings LIVE: Reynders/Dalli/Ferreira

On Wednesday (2 October), the European Parliament's committees will be holding hearings with Commissioner-designates Didier Reynders (Belgium, Justice), Helena Dalli (Malta, Equality) and Elisa Ferreira (Portugal, Cohesion and Reforms).
Internet governance 03-07-2019

Germany wants to fine Facebook over hate speech reporting

Social media platforms in Germany are obliged to report hate speech and other illegal content. Germany's Federal Office of Justice is expected to slap a €2 million fine on Facebook for reporting only a fraction of such activity on its platform. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Economy & Jobs 04-09-2018

Latvia: The governor’s corruption undermines the ECB

Having been put under investigation for corruption at the end of June, the governor of Latvia's central bank is the third member of the ECB governing council to have been implicated in murky deals over the past year. EURACTIV France reports.
Air Quality 23-08-2018

Germany blocks ‘Dieselgate’ investigation in France

Three French investigative judges have complained about the lack of collaboration from the German judiciary in the ‘Dieselgate’ file. Germany meanwhile alleged possible disruptions of its own investigation. An article from our partner Ouest-France.
Brexit 11-04-2018

Brexiteers cry foul over EU prisoner figures

4,024 EU nationals were in prisons in England and Wales in 2017, according to data released on Wednesday (11 April) by the UK’s Ministry for Justice following a Freedom of Information request.
Global Europe 17-11-2016

A pivotal moment for the Central African Republic

For decades, the Central African Republic has suffered from enormous humanitarian needs and a perilous security situation. Europe needs to strengthen its support for this fragile and forgotten state, writes Friederike Röder.
Enlargement 22-07-2016

Albanian parliament passes judiciary reform key to EU accession

Albania's governing and opposition parties passed a judicial reform package on Thursday (21 July), meeting a condition of the European Union for accession talks with the ex-Communist Balkan state.
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Commission rates judiciary independence of EU member states

The European Commission released on Monday the second edition of the EU Justice Scoreboard, aimed to promote quality, independence and efficiency of justice systems in the European Union.

Economy and justice top of Barroso II final year agenda

The Commission adopted yesterday (22 October) its work programme for the last year of mandate, which draws out an unprecedented framework to ensure respect for European values in member states.

EU court backs environmentalists in pesticide case

A European Union court has annulled a Commission decision rejecting two environmental groups’ request for an internal review of a pesticide regulation.

Reding defines new EU data privacy rules

In a speech yesterday (16 March) EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding spelled out new privacy rules for personal data held on the Internet, including a "right to be forgotten" that would allow users to permanently delete data held by companies.

Brussels adopts agenda to improve children’s rights

The European Commission launched yesterday (15 February) a list of actions to improve children's well-being and make Europe's justice system more child-friendly, but NGOs complain the agenda lacks an overarching vision. 

Communicating Europe begins at home, says Reding

The EU's commissioner for justice, fundamental rights and citizenship, Viviane Reding, reassured her staff that the European Commission will remain in the driving seat in communicating Europe but not without citizens, sources told EURACTIV after an in-house presentation on Friday (12 February).

EU justice chief plans civil code, privacy laws

Viviane Reding, the EU's new commissioner for justice and fundamental rights, is planning ambitious reforms for her mandate including the introduction of a European Civil Code and a major revamp of EU data protection rules.

EU to grant free interpretation rights to suspected criminals

People in Europe facing criminal proceedings outside of their country of residence will be able to receive free interpretation and translations of procedural documents in their native language, justice ministers agreed last week (23 October).

Italian MEP calls for EU Parliament mafias probe

The European Parliament should tackle the problems posed by mafias across Europe by setting up an ad hoc committee to investigate their connection with "financial, entrepreneurial and political systems," according to an appeal launched by Rosario Crocetta, a newly-elected Italian MEP who has been living under strict police protection since 2002 due to his activities against the Sicilian mafia.
Security 19-09-2007

Kosovo’s choice: between justice and organised crime

Kosovars can "no longer plead ignorance" over the extent of mafia crime in the country, writes Krenar Gashi of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN).

UK tourists ‘at risk’ from EU Treaty rejection

A recently launched justice organisation, The Just Umbrella, has urged EU leaders to include justice as part of the proposed Treaty revisions, or put British and other tourists at risk from legal and judicial discrimination while abroad.
Security 24-05-2007

Amnesty blasts EU anti-terror ‘fear tactics’

EU governments' anti-terrorism policies are contributing to the erosion of human rights and are helping to create an increasingly polarised and dangerous world, according to Amnesty International's annual report, published on 23 May.
Security 06-07-2005

A thin line between freedom and security

A Centre for European Policy Studies conference has thrown up questions as to the potential dangers to civil liberties from the EU’s current approach to security.