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Analysts: Expect visa liberalisation for Turkey by early 2017

Turkey analysts said today (22 September) that the lifting of the visa requirement for Turkish citizens will likely not materialise before the year's end, if not in early 2017.
Kader Sevinç
Global Europe 02-09-2016

Turkish opposition: ‘The EU’s weak reaction to the failed coup disappointed all Turks’

The failed coup attempt seems to have ended political polarisation in Turkey. Europe’s weak reaction was a big disappointment for all Turks, says Kader Sevinç, the EU representative of the country's largest opposition party, the secularist Republican Party of Turkey (CHP).
Global Europe 18-09-2013

Europe and Turkey: In search of a new world

Some EU governments act in contradiction with a strategic vision for the common European values and interest when they block Turkey’s accession talks, writes Kader Sevinç.
Enlargement 09-11-2012

Gender equality and the EU’s transformational power in Turkey

The EU’s enlargement to include Turkey seems to be a victim of the Cypriot issue, which produces disproportionately negative effects and weak political visions on both sides. Consequently, the EU’s credibility and transformational power are being weakened, writes Kader Sevinç.

Gender equality in Turkey: Policy proposals by the Republican People’s Party

Turkey's record on gender equality remains inadequate and has substantially worsened under the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). However, strong measures for women in education, family planning and political representation can reverse the trend, writes the Brussels representative of Turkey's opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), Kader Sevinç.
Global Europe 05-05-2010

Turkish opposition: Erdo?an is authoritarian and un-European

Turkey needs to modernise its constitution but some of the government's reform proposals would seriously undermine the independence of the judiciary, Kader Sevinç of the main Turkish opposition party told EURACTIV in an interview, accusing Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an of showing "authoritarian" and "un-European" behaviour.