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Global Europe 30-11-2021

Latvia calls for permanent US troops to guard against Russia threat

Latvia needs a permanent US military presence to deter Russia and wants to boost its defences with US Patriot missiles, Defence Minister Artis Pabriks said on Monday (30 November) as NATO's chief visited allied troops in the Baltic country.
Global Europe 26-11-2019

Amid Russia’s tightening embrace, Belarus seeks better ties with EU

Belarus is interested in building good-neighbourly ties with the European Union, and in particular with Stockholm and Helsinki, if there are no preconditions from the bloc, Belorussian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Monday (25 November).
Politics 14-09-2017

Russia’s Zapad war games unnerve West

From planes, radars and ships in the Baltics, NATO officials say they are watching Russia's biggest war games since 2013 with "calm and confidence", but many are unnerved about what they see as Moscow testing its ability to wage war against the West.
Politics 07-06-2017

Russian fighter intercepts US bomber over Baltic Sea

Russia scrambled a fighter jet on Tuesday (6 June) to intercept a nuclear-capable US B-52 bomber it said was flying over the Baltic Sea near its border, in an incident that had echoes of the Cold War.
Global Europe 11-05-2017

US Defence Secretary criticises Russian build-up near Baltic states

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said yesterday (10 May) that a Russian missile deployment near the Baltic states was "destabilising", and officials suggested the United States could deploy a Patriot missile battery in the region for NATO exercises in the summer.
Politics 03-04-2017

Lithuania says Russia has ability to launch Baltic attack in 24 hours

Russia has developed the capability to launch an attack on the Baltic States with as little as 24 hours' notice, limiting NATO's options to respond other than to have military forces already deployed in the region, Lithuania's intelligence service said today (3 April).
Global Europe 10-03-2017

Germany’s Gabriel, in Moscow, warns of risk of new arms race

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel yesterday (9 March) warned about the danger of a new arms race spiral with Russia and called on all sides to work to end the violence in eastern Ukraine as a first step towards broader disarmament efforts.
Global Europe 09-03-2017

Germany says worried about Russian missiles in Kaliningrad

A decision by Russia to permanently station nuclear-capable missiles in Kaliningrad, its enclave on the Baltic Sea, would mark a setback for European security, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel told Russian news agency Interfax yesterday (8 March).
Global Europe 16-01-2017

Lithuania to build Kaliningrad border fence with EU money

Lithuania said today (16 January) it plans to use EU funds to build a fence on the border with Russia’s highly militarised Kaliningrad exclave to boost security and prevent smuggling. Baltic states have repeatedly voiced their concern at the Russian...
Global Europe 21-11-2016

New Russian missiles in Kaliningrad ‘are answer to US shield’

Moscow will deploy S-400 surface-to-air missiles and nuclear-capable Iskander systems in the exclave of Kaliningrad in retaliation for NATO deployments, a senior pro-Kremlin lawmaker was quoted as saying today (20 November).
Global Europe 04-11-2016

Ponomaryev: Consensus rules make EU weak against Putin

Consensus voting doesn’t help the EU to stand strong against an ever more assertive Russia, Ilya Ponomaryev, Russian opposition figure and a former member of the State Duma, told EURACTIV Poland in an exclusive, wide-ranging interview.
Global Europe 26-10-2016

Russia beefs up Baltic Fleet with cruise missile-armed ships

Russia is reinforcing its Baltic Fleet in Kaliningrad with two small warships armed with long-range cruise missiles to counter what it sees as a worrying NATO build-up in the region, Izvestia reported today (26 October).
Global Europe 26-10-2016

NATO builds up battle groups to deter Russia

NATO will press allies today (26 October) to contribute to its biggest military build-up on Russia's borders since the Cold War, as the alliance prepares for a protracted quarrel with Moscow.
Electricity 15-04-2015

Baltic power plans may increase tensions with Russia

The Baltic states' goal of integrating with Europe's power grid risks cutting off an exclave of Russian territory, exacerbating regional stresses created by the Ukraine crisis.
Global Europe 07-04-2015

Poland to build watchtowers at Kaliningrad enclave border

Poland will build six watchtowers to survey its 200-kilometre-long border with the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, the police said yesterday (6 April).
Global Europe 25-02-2015

Lithuania reintroduces conscription over perceived Russian threat

Lithuania plans to restart military conscription, which it ended in 2008, to address growing concerns about Russian assertiveness in the Baltic region, President Dalia Grybauskait? said on Tuesday.
Europe's East 25-11-2014

Russia blocks Lithuanian trucks after Vilnius promises military aid to Ukraine

The ex-Soviet republic of Lithuania accused Moscow yesterday (24 November) of blocking its vehicles and goods at the Russian border, and summoned its ambassador to protest.
Energy 13-06-2012

Lithuanian nuclear power plant OKed, with conditions

The European Commission has issued a favourable opinion for the construction of the Visaginas nuclear power plant in Lithuania. However, it stressed that the plant should remain economically viable, even though two Russian-backed reactors are planned in the vicinity.

EU borders open to Kaliningrad citizens

The Commission announced on 29 July that it has proposed that the citizens of the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, which is wedged between Poland and Lithuania, would be able to benefit from visa-free travel into a 30 to 50 km zone inside the two EU countries.
Global Europe 12-09-2006

Russian sea-link to end ‘European blockade’

New route is set to help Russia avoid transit through Lithuania.
Global Europe 12-11-2002

EU and Russia reach a deal on Kaliningrad

The EU and Russia have reached an agreement on transit between Russia and its Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad that will be surrounded by EU territory once Poland and Lithuania join the Union.
Global Europe 21-10-2002

Kaliningrad: No Easy Answers

Kaliningrad: No Easy Answers Russia and the EU are sharpening their rhetoric ahead of a meeting that is supposed to decide what is to be done on the questions of Kaliningrad. Regardless of the outcome, the complexity of the exclave’s...
Global Europe 01-10-2002

EU Member States in favour of special Kaliningrad pass

EU Foreign Ministers have endorsed the Commission's proposal to introduce a special travel pass for the inhabitants of Kaliningrad after the Union enlarges and surrounds the Russian enclave.
Global Europe 27-09-2002

Several EU countries to reject Commission proposal on Kaliningrad

France, Spain, Italy and Greece are expected to reject the Commission's proposal to introduce a special transit document for Kaliningrad after EU enlargement, and to consider the sealed train idea instead.