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Euro & Finance 24-07-2015

Europe must learn from the Greece negotiations

The European Union will not survive a rerun of the Greek crisis. It must learn some hard lessons in order to emerge stronger, argue Karl Aiginger and Kurt Bayer.
Euro & Finance 19-06-2015

Greece and the EU: How to break the stalemate

A solution to unlock the stalemate for debt-wracked Greece should be based on mutual obligations, writes Karl Aiginger.
Euro & Finance 17-12-2014

A silver bullet for restarting growth in Europe

The Investment Fund by the European Commission cannot be expected to foster jobs and growth up to the end of 2016. An alternative- or a way to bridge the gap- would be to allow member countries to invest into pre-specified drivers of growth outside the limits of the Fiscal Pact, writes Karl Aiginger.
EU Priorities 2020 17-03-2014

2014 is a year of specific opportunities – Restart Europe 2020 now

2014 is an opportunity for a more ambitious policy, since governance reforms are on track and the economy is recovering. And it is a necessity, since the midterm review has revealed that without strategy change the EU 2020 goals for employment, research, poverty reduction and energy efficiency will be missed, writes Karl Aiginger.
Future EU 26-06-2013

Four recommendations for the EU summit

EU leaders should emphasise that the best way to achieve competitiveness is innovation, education and excellence in energy efficiency. The European carbon trading system should be restored, the lower efficiency of innovation systems and universities in Europe relative to the US should be tackled, and Europe should lead in energy efficiency and alternative energies, writes Karl Aiginger.

The ‘greening’ of industrial policy

While cheap energy prices in industrialised countries can be seen as a short-term reprieve for industries under competitive pressure from low-cost countries, they have negative consequences in the long run, writes Karl Aiginger. He argues that a new industrial policy should support Europe's competitive advantage in clean technology.
EU Priorities 2020 16-05-2013

WIFO director: Austerity should be complemented with a ‘Social Pact’

Budget consolidation efforts are necessary but should be complemented with a clear promise that better times are lying ahead, says Karl Aiginger, director of the WIFO economic institute in Austria. Otherwise, people will reject it, he argues in an interview with EURACTIV.