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Alcohol 12-09-2014

Scotland: Industry, Health and Government make case for Alcohol Minimum Unit pricing

Health advocates, including doctors and nurses from Scotland and across Europe, find common cause with Scottish alcohol industry representatives in supporting  the Scottish Government's efforts to implement its Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) legislation. They call for global alcohol producers to drop their legal challenges to this policy that will save hundreds of lives of people in Scotland every year.
Health 16-10-2013

Strong data protection rules for high-quality healthcare

Health and medical data need specific attention when legislation on data protection is at stake. Patients’ data contain highly sensitive information and require particularly strict protection and security mechanisms against any unauthorised access, mismanagement, or identity theft, says Katrín Fjeldsted.
Health 03-10-2013

Better tobacco control laws for better health

There is no excuse not to enshrine better tobacco control laws in the new Tobacco Products Directive, since there is no ambiguity as to the need for action and the availability of effective policies, says Dr Katrín Fjeldsted.

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