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Aviation 12-07-2019

Why we are far from imposing a tax on kerosene

France introduced a tax on airline tickets this week. However, this does not really replace a tax on kerosene, which continues to be tax-exempt across Europe. But why is the EU not introducing such a tax? EURACTIV Germany reports.

Official EU petition calls for minimum carbon price

The European Commission registered an official petition on Wednesday (7 July) that calls on the EU executive to set up a minimum carbon price, “discourage the consumption of fossil fuels” and keep global warming to below 1.5 degrees.
Aviation 26-06-2019

Europe’s airports target carbon-neutrality by 2050, planes not included

Nearly 200 European airports in 45 countries pledged on Wednesday (26 June) to drastically slash their greenhouse gas output by 2050. However, the target only includes airport infrastructure and not aircraft.
EU Elections 2019 21-05-2019

Macron wants a European convention to reform Europe

France's head of state never runs out of ideas for Europe. Emmanuel Macron now wants to mix ideas proposed by citizens and leaders to get Europe back on its feet. EURACTIV France reports.
Aviation 30-04-2019

EU citizens insist jet fuel must be taxed

Airplane fuel’s tax-free status could soon be grounded after the European Commission agreed on Tuesday (30 April) to register an official petition that calls for an end to kerosene’s exemption.
Energy 07-02-2005

An EU kerosene tax to fight global poverty?

The EU is considering the introduction of a tax on aviation fuel to find extra funding for poverty aid to the poorest countries.
Energy 25-09-2003

Parliament calls for stronger energy taxation framework

On 24 September, the Parliament adopted a report on an EU framework for energy taxation although it was not satisfied with the content of the proposal.
Climate change 17-09-2001

EU ministers want global tax on kerosene

An informal meeting of EU transport and environment ministers in Louvain-la-neuve (Belgium) on 15 September 2001, called for a global tax on aviation fuel as a tool to diminish the environmental impact of air travel. EU ministers will try to get the tax on the agenda of the assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organisation, at the end of September.