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Aviation 26-06-2019

Will airline companies cause their own crash?

Airline companies should embrace their changing industry if they ever want to come out on top again, said Bertrand Piccard, president of the Solar Impulse Foundation.
Aviation 07-03-2017

Aviation biofuels: Won’t get fooled again

Biofuels are being touted as a solution to the problem of aviation emissions. But previous experience shows us we must take care to ensure they are not actually worse for the environment than the kerosene they replace, writes Carlos Calvo Ambel.
Transport 18-05-2005

Tax flight – An Investigation into the exemption from taxation of international aviation

This working paper by Daniël Meijers from the International Centre for Integrative Studies (ICIS, Maastricht University) looks at the origins and development of the exemption from various kinds of taxation of international aviation.

Kerosene tax: going it alone would be a mistake

Eric Heymann from Deutsche Bank Research writes that a tax-free fuel for air traffic is a privilege which cannot be accepted from an environmental point of view. But he argues that, for Germany, going it alone at national level would be a mistake with traffic volume moving to neighbouring countries. Other possibilities would be the integration of air traffic in the EU emissions trading scheme. At current prices, he estimates the price surcharge to make a flight climate neutral to be roughly 5-20 euros per ticket.