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Trade & Society 13-02-2015

TiSA must include a gold-standard clause to protect public services

?Great care is needed to make sure that European public services are excluded from the scope of the Trade in Services agreement under negotiation between the EU and 22 other trade partners. A possible solution could be to include a gold-standard clause, writes Klaus Heeger.

Portugal: The long and painful path of austerity

If the conclusions from the last EU summit refer to the “social challenge” of unemployment, the European Commission can now be considered the more realistic of EU institutions in referring to a “social crisis,” writes Klaus Heeger.

Minimum wages across Europe require solidarity

Minimum wages increasingly appear as proper tools to fight cross-border social dumping, argues Klaus Heeger, despite objections that the EU has little or no competence on pay.
Languages & Culture 02-05-2012

Women stereotypes: Time for a reflection within the media

As the European Union considers imposing binding quotas for women on companies' boards, similar instruments should also be envisaged for media boards, argues Klaus Heeger.

A rebirth of social rights and state functions? Time to test the Charter!

With the current economic crisis, the Union has a unique opportunity to make greater use of the new set of provisions offered by the Lisbon Treaty to enforce social rights at the European level, argues Klaus Heeger from the European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI).

A strong public service is even more needed in times of crisis

Yes, European countries have to cut public spending in order to put their finances back in shape. But this should not compromise essential public services such as education, health care or tax collection, writes Klaus Heeger of the European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI).