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Politics 21-02-2018

The Brief – Kartenhaus von Selmayr

For those who like to describe the EU bubble as the European version of ‘House of Cards’, today we saw its season’s finale. Our very own Frank Underwood secured a post to prolong his power and influence beyond the expected expiry date.

Jean-Marie Le Pen told to repay €320,000 to European Parliament

The European Parliament is demanding the repayment of €320,000 from MEP Jean-Marie Le Pen over a salary it believes was wrongly paid out to a parliamentary assistant, sources said on Wednesday (22 June).
Future EU 28-06-2013

Parliament piles up tools to turn democratic deficit into surplus

In a move to tackle a legitimacy crisis fuelled by the eurozone troubles, the European Parliament is looking to the Lisbon Treaty to identify ways to counter Euroscepticism and inject more energy into European democracy.

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