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Economy & Jobs 24-04-2017

March for Science: Is the basis of the knowledge society being eroded?

After years of sluggish advance, the house of world economics looks generally strong. However, those who ensure the knowledge base for growth, the scientists and researchers, face threats to their system, writes Thomas Jorgensen.

Knowledge is capital for Europe’s future

Europe’s strength is its skilled workforce and professional expertise. To ensure its future as a major economy, Europe needs to combine entrepreneurship with an increased focus on knowledge capital, write Nima Sanandaji and Per Strömbäck.
Technology 04-02-2015

Uproar over protection of trade secrets

Outcry from journalists has forced French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron to remove a "trade secrets" clause from his economic bill. Concerns are being raised over EU plans for a similar law. EURACTIV France reports
Development Policy 01-09-2009

2004-2009: An evaluation of the Barroso Commission

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso spent the summer preparing his programme for the next five years after his bid to secure a second term was put on ice by the European Parliament's political group leaders in July - EURACTIV asked key stakeholders to assess the Barroso Commission's achievements and failures.

Irish experts challenge EU innovation mantra

A report by a government-appointed expert group in Ireland makes uncomfortable reading for EU policymakers invested in Europe's 'knowledge economy'. 
Languages & Culture 15-09-2008

Commission looks at language skills to boost EU ‘prosperity’

The European Commission will present a new EU languages strategy on 18 September, emphasising the importance of language skills in addressing challenges as diverse as globalisation and increased mobility and immigration.
Trade & Society 30-06-2008

MEP: Lisbon Agenda needs updating

Current challenges like climate change and the fuel and food crises call for an update of the Lisbon Agenda, Romanian MEP Daniel Daianu (ALDE) told EURACTIV in an interview.

Interview: EU’s Lisbon Agenda needs updating

New global challenges such as climate change and the current food crisis call for an update of the Lisbon Agenda for growth and jobs, Romanian MEP Daniel Daianu (ALDE) told EURACTIV in an interview.
Languages & Culture 30-01-2006

Understanding knowledge societies

Will converting every organization into an e-organization result in the transition of a society to a Knowledge Society (k-society)? This report, by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, comes to the conclusion that this will not be the case. 
Regional Policy 01-08-2003

EU stimulating participation of regions in knowledge economy

The Commission grants 2.5 million euro to the "Regions of Knowledge" action programme, boosting the involvement of European regions in creating a knowledge-based economy.