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Global Europe 15-04-2021

Academic cooperation and European strategic autonomy – sideshow or part of the puzzle?

The EU’s strategic autonomy is being ever more tied to the notion of Europe’s (exclusive) access to key technologies, and as a result, academia suddenly finds itself drawn into a conflictual space, writes Thomas Jorgensen.
Economy & Jobs 17-01-2007

The Rise of Knowledge Regions

This study, by Sybille Reichert of the European University Association, examines the role of universities in the emergence of "knowledge regions" and their relationship with the business sector.

Analysis: Knowledge capital as the source of growth

In the report entitled Knowledge Capital as the Source of Growth, researcher Hannu Piekkola examines the role of knowledge agglomeration in productivity growth in Finland. The report was published by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS). 
Languages & Culture 30-01-2006

Understanding knowledge societies

Will converting every organization into an e-organization result in the transition of a society to a Knowledge Society (k-society)? This report, by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, comes to the conclusion that this will not be the case.