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Growth and Jobs: Relaunch of the Lisbon strategy

On 22-23 March 2005, the Spring Council discussed the Commission's mid-term review of the Lisbon strategy for economic, social and environmental renewal. More focus on growth and employment, simplification and national ownership via national action plans are the key elements to relaunch the Lisbon reforms agenda.
Future EU 02-02-2005

Socialist MEPs want to revitalise Lisbon with ‘Europe of excellence’

The Socialist group in the European Parliament has presented a report setting out 33 ideas to tackle the Commission's proposals for the mid-term review of the Lisbon reform agenda.

Ministers back growth and employment focus of Kok report

The Competitiveness Council has supported the Kok report, agreeing that growth and employment are prerequisites for social cohesion and sustainable development.
Future EU 04-11-2004

Mixed reactions to Kok report among European stakeholders

While stakeholders have generally welcomed the Kok report on the state of the Lisbon strategy, there is considerable disagreement on how to strike the right balance between its economic, social and environmental pillars.

Kok review of Lisbon strategy: excellent on diagnosis, weak on remedies

The long-awaited mid-term review of the Lisbon strategy brings very few new ideas to the table to revitalise the stalled process of essential economic and social reforms.

Put the social pillar back into Lisbon, urge NGOs

Social NGOs have carried out their own review of the Lisbon strategy, criticising the lack of progress made in creating 'more and better jobs' and fostering 'social cohesion'. 

Kok expert group was divided over working hours

Longer working hours and delayed retirement were the main sticking points among the expert group chaired by Wim Kok, which is carrying out a review of the Lisbon process.

Kok wants more peer pressure and fewer objectives for Lisbon agenda

The high-level expert group carrying out a review of the Lisbon process is expected to propose that Member States draw up national action plans to boost employment and growth in the EU.