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Economy & Jobs 19-10-2018

EU-Asia put aside differences to show united front vs Trump

Faced with Donald Trump's unilateralism, leaders of more than 50 European and Asian countries put aside their differences on Friday (19 October) and upheld multilateral cooperation on all fronts during a summit in Brussels. 
Digital & Media 10-01-2017

EU plans first laws on robotics

A European Parliament committee will look Thursday (12 January) at a draft resolution relating to the regulation of robotics. The text could become the basis for the first European legislation on automation and robots. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Trade & Society 18-07-2016

Spain promotes self as ‘bridge’ between continents at Mongolia summit

At the 11th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) in Mongolia, Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel García-Margallo outlined the role of his country as a "bridge" between Asia and Latin America. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Digital & Media 02-06-2016

The EU goes digital (sort of)

Europe tends to be perceived as a laggard when it comes to innovative technologies. This characterisation must be taken with a grain of salt. After all, some European countries are global leaders in innovation, writes Diego Zuluaga.
Foreign companies, such as Tata, that establish themselves in Europe, employing Europeans and contributing to the economy, consider themselves European businesses.
Trade & Society 19-01-2016

Investing in Europe’s future is a global challenge

Europe will gain most by working openly with both traditional developed partners and emerging economies. The Dutch Presidency priorities should ensure mutually open markets, so that Europe can benefit from our trading partners’ diversity and dynamism and use Europe’s own unique advantages as a multiplier, writes Dr David Landsman.
Nokia Networks
Digital & Media 20-10-2015

Europe’s digital transformation hinges on modern infrastructure

Quality connectivity and mobility are critical if Europe’s strong vertical industries are to take a leading role in Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, writes Markus Borchert.
Development Policy 06-02-2013

As EU pares budgets, Turkey and Korea step up aid spending

EU candidate Turkey and South Korea, nations that have watched their own fortunes surge in a generation, are ramping up aid programmes for poor nations at a time when such spending in Europe is under threat, a EURACTIV analysis of aid statistics shows.
Trade & Society 23-10-2012

France ‘regrets’ EU refusal to monitor South Korean car imports

The French government said it "regrets" the European Commission's decision to turn down a request by France to monitor South Korea car imports, after a bilateral trade deal entered into force in July 2011.
Trade & Society 19-10-2011

EU-Korea deal pushes Japan to negotiate

Japanese business has been hit hard by the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the EU and Korea, galvanising political will in Tokyo to push quickly for its own FTA, negotiators on both sides have told EURACTIV.
Trade & Society 08-05-2007

EU and South Korea to free-up trade flows

The EU and South Korea have formally initiated negotiations on a bilateral pact that could give a €20 billion boost to their trade relations, one month after the Asian country signed a similar deal with Europe's largest trade rival, the US.
Trade & Society 24-04-2007

EU to start free trade talks with India, South Korea and Asean

EU foreign ministers have given the go-ahead for free-trade negotiations with key trading partners in Asia, in a move that WTO chief Pascal Lamy says could divert attention from talks on a global trade pact.
Trade & Society 11-09-2006

EU seeks trade deals with Korea, China

EU leaders push ahead for bilateral deals with China and Korea while Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson keeps up the fight for a multilateral trade pact.
Competition 04-11-2002

Palacio: Shipbuilding should be “strategic sector”

EU Transport Commissioner Loyola de Palacio has stated that the European shipbuilding sector should be considered a "strategic sector" and benefit from EU financial support.
Med & South 26-03-2001

Is EU’s foreign policy coming of age?

Several decisions made at Stockholm Summit on foreign policy issues show growing self-confidence of the EU on global stage
Southeast Asia 21-10-2000

EU-Asia Summit pledges to promote human rights in the region

The two-day ASEM Summit (EU-Asia) ended with a pledge for the promotion of human rights by all 25 participating countries