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Enlargement 13-02-2023

Vučić’s Zeitenwende or buying time?

Est. 6min

What is behind the move by Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, who announced his willingness to accept the EU's Franco-German-backed proposal for the resolution of the Serbia-Kosovo dispute? Srdjan Cvijić and Maja Bjeloš offer some insight.

Global Europe 01-11-2022

Germany warns Serbia: Choose between EU and Russia

Est. 2min

Germany has cautioned Serbia against cultivating deeper ties with Russia, warning that it could thwart its bid to join the European Union, a German government source said on Tuesday (1 November).

Enlargement 26-08-2022

Envoys from EU, US, visit northern Kosovo Serbs as differences resurface

Est. 2min

European Union and US envoys met officials in Kosovo's ethnically divided city of Kosovska Mitrovica on Thursday (25 August) as longstanding differences between Belgrade and Pristina flared again, triggered by a dispute over car number plates.

Enlargement 26-07-2022

Kosovo to require temporary IDs for Serbs from 1 August

Est. 3min

As of Monday (1 August), Serbian citizens travelling to Kosovo will be required to replace their passport with a temporary ID for the duration of their visit in a reciprocal move announced by Prime Minister Abin Kurti.

Enlargement 14-07-2022

How Russia de facto recognised Kosovo

Est. 5min

When there are so many signals indicating that Russia will recognise Kosovo because it seeks similar recognition for Donetsk and Lugansk, those are no longer coincidences, writes Orhan Dragaš.

Europe's East 01-03-2022

Don’t compare Russia’s war to NATO in Kosovo

Est. 7min

As Russia wages an unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine, comparisons between Ukraine's plight and NATO’s Balkan interventions of the 1990s have resurfaced. But whatever the Ukrainian crisis is, it is not Kosovo, writes Sidita Kushi.

Enlargement 15-03-2021

Kosovo opens embassy in Jerusalem

Est. 3min

Kosovo said Sunday (14 March) it had officially opened its embassy in Jerusalem after becoming the first Muslim-majority territory to recognise the city as Israel's capital.

Enlargement 02-02-2021

EU regrets Kosovo’s decision to open an embassy in Jerusalem

Est. 4min

The European Union voiced regret on Tuesday (2 February) at Kosovo's decision to open an embassy in Jerusalem, made as part of a broader deal brokered by the previous US administration, saying it "diverges" the tiny Balkan country from the EU position.

Enlargement 23-06-2020

EU expects breakthrough in Serbia- Kosovo talks after Vucic electoral win

Est. 3min

EU-mediated negotiations aimed at normalising relations between Serbia and Kosovo will restart in July after being stalled for almost two years, EU envoy Miroslav Lajcak said on Monday (22 June).

Enlargement 07-06-2020

Kosovo removes trade barriers on Serbia to allow talks

Est. 3min

Kosovo's newly elected government has removed all trade barriers for goods produced in Serbia, paving the way for a resumption of talks with Belgrade on an agreement that could enable the tiny Balkan country to get United Nations membership.

Enlargement 27-05-2020

Kosovo president rejects EU mediator for talks with Serbia

Est. 2min

Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi said on Tuesday (26 May) he would not take part in talks on normalising ties with Serbia led by an European Union special mediator, calling instead for an increased US role in the dialogue.

Enlargement 01-04-2020

Annulment of Kosovo tariffs on Serbian, Bosnian imports causes new dispute

Est. 4min

The outgoing Kosovo Premier Albin Kurti has said that the Kosovo government has decided to annul tariffs on imports from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. But the head of the Serbian government's Office for Kosovo, Marko Đurić, says that this is fake news and urged the public not to fall for it.

Enlargement 24-02-2020

New Kosovo PM ready to revoke tariffs for Serbian goods

Est. 5min

A few years ago, the newly elected Kosovo prime minister overturned Serbian trucks. But Albin Kurti now says he is ready to revoke tariffs introduced by his predecessor on Serbian goods.

Enlargement 16-01-2020

Albanian PM sues Kosovo counterpart for defamation over land-swap claims

Est. 3min

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has filed a lawsuit for defamation against Kosovo’s outgoing prime minister, who has repeatedly said Rama was involved in talks about dividing up Kosovo along ethnic lines, a court in Pristina said on Thursday (16 January).

Enlargement 13-09-2019

Visegrad countries back opening of accession talks with North Macedonia, Albania

Est. 3min

Four eastern European Union members on Thursday (12 September) backed the accession of Western Balkan countries to the bloc, saying North Macedonia and Albania should start talks this year.

Enlargement 27-08-2019

15 countries, and counting, revoke recognition of Kosovo, Serbia says

Est. 4min

With Togo becoming the fifteenth country to revoke its recognition of Kosovo, according to Serbia's foreign minister, Belgrade has moved closer to its goal of having half of UN member states not recognising its former province's independence.

Enlargement 27-08-2019

Kosovo president sets 6 October as date for snap parliamentary vote

Est. 4min

Since Kosovo’s government collapsed last week, Western countries expect a new cabinet to relaunch talks between Belgrade and Pristina and make sure these countries lift obstacles for joining the EU in the longer term.

Enlargement 05-03-2019

Serbian leader hints that Kosovo recognition possible

Est. 3min

President Aleksandar Vučić hinted Monday (4 March) that Serbia may be willing to recognise Kosovo as a sovereign state, but would require something in return from its former province as part of a broader compromise deal.

Enlargement 11-02-2019

Why Kosovo needs to postpone the ‘final’ round of dialogue with Serbia

Est. 5min

Kosovo's leaders have got themselves in a serious political crisis. They need to re-set the clock and the agenda of talks with Serbia, write Leke Batalli and Perparim Kryeziu.

Enlargement 07-02-2019

Kosovo President and PM at odds over Serbia border changes

Est. 3min

Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi and Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj on Wednesday (6 February) resumed their public dispute over possible border changes to end one of Europe's most volatile territorial disputes.

Enlargement 19-12-2018

EU warns Serbia and Kosovo over flare up in tensions

Est. 3min

EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini on Tuesday (18 December) issued a stern warning to Serbia and Kosovo to put aside recent bickering amid a major flare-up in tensions between Belgrade and Pristina.

Enlargement 14-12-2018

Kosovo asserts independence with vote to build an army

Est. 4min

Kosovo lawmakers vote Friday (14 December) on whether to give the small Balkan country its own army, a US-backed symbolic show of independence that has inflamed tensions with former wartime foe Serbia.

Enlargement 04-12-2018

Kosovo says to maintain its tariffs on Serbia despite EU pressure

Est. 2min

Kosovo will keep its 100% tariffs on Serbian goods until Belgrade recognizes Pristina, Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said on Monday (4 December), defying calls by the European Union and United States for the tariffs to be abolished.

Enlargement 28-11-2018

Kosovo Serbs protest Pristina’s tariff

Est. 3min

Several thousand Kosovo Serbs protested in northern Kosovo on Tuesday (27 November) against Pristina's massive customs tariff on Serbian goods, a retaliatory measure announced last week that has spiked tensions and curtailed trade between the neighbours.