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Enlargement 15-03-2022

EU to nearly double its police force in Kosovo

The European Union police and justice mission in Kosovo said it will deploy another 92 special police officers to support NATO troops and local police.
Enlargement 15-02-2021

Kosovo anti-establishment party set for landslide win

Kosovo's left-wing reformists were headed for a landslide victory in parliamentary elections, initial results showed Monday (14 February), handing them a strong mandate for change from voters fed up with the political establishment.
Enlargement 28-11-2018

Kosovo Serbs protest Pristina’s tariff

Several thousand Kosovo Serbs protested in northern Kosovo on Tuesday (27 November) against Pristina's massive customs tariff on Serbian goods, a retaliatory measure announced last week that has spiked tensions and curtailed trade between the neighbours.
Enlargement 18-01-2018

Bulgaria’s EU presidency offers Western Balkans unique opportunity 

This year is supposed to finally see progress on the Western Balkan countries'  long and tortuous journey towards European Union membership, with at least three successive EU presidencies - Bulgaria, Austria and Romania - keen to make enlargement one of the priorities. 
Enlargement 16-06-2017

Kosovo lurches to nationalism as Brussels lets down its friends

Elections in the West Balkans are never easy. Federica Mogherini might consider intervening now on the side of the pro-European forces in Kosovo, writes Denis MacShane.
Enlargement 09-06-2017

Fragile Kosovo prepares for ‘crucial’ vote

Nine years after proclaiming independence, fragile Kosovo votes Sunday (11 June) at a time of high tension with Serbia, rampant unemployment and some of its leaders threatened with prosecution for war crimes.
Global Europe 17-12-2015

Kosovar minister: ‘When the EU has a political will, it can deliver’

Kosovo is appealing to Brussels to grant its citizens visa-free travel to the EU. But at a time of crises in migration, terrorism and people-smuggling, some are sceptical. A decision on the waiver is expected in the coming days.
Clint Williamson, procureur en chef de la Special Investigative Task Force au Kosovo, le 29 juillet 2014 [Conseil de l'Union européenne]
Enlargement 29-07-2014

KLA guerrillas harvested murdered Serbs’ organs, say EU investigators

Kosovo Albanian guerillas murdered Serbs and sold their organs but there is not yet enough evidence to bring the guilty to justice, the chief prosecutor of an EU backed team of international investigators said today (29 July).
Enlargement 06-12-2012

The risk of losing Serbia

The Serbian elections in May brought to power forces that are more ambivalent towards Europe, with a rising anti-EU sentiment in Serbia, write Ioannis Armakolas and Maja Maksimovi?.
Global Europe 01-06-2012

Kosovo Serbs shoot at NATO peacekeepers

At least five Kosovo Serbs and a NATO soldier were wounded in a gunfight today (1 June), as peacekeepers tried to dismantle Serb roadblocks blocking traffic, a Reuters witness said.