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Central Europe 10-12-2015

It took courage to bring Bulgaria into the EU

On 15 December, Bulgaria will mark the 20th anniversary since it made its EU membership application. On this occasion, Dick Roche recalls the country’s EU path and questions if the treatment it gets from the EU is fair.
Energy 15-05-2015

Bulgarian power producers cut output due to low demand

Bulgaria's power grid operator has ordered some electricity producers to cut output in an attempt to balance production and consumption, the state-owned company said today (15 May).
Central Europe 29-04-2015

Analyst: Politics have marred Bulgaria’s energy sector

Politicians in Bulgaria tend to forget national interests. The end result is that there are no big energy-related projects on the Bulgarian horizon – either in the sphere of electricity or in the sphere of gas, Slavcho Neykov, energy policy expert, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Energy 27-03-2015

Bulgaria offers Westinghouse stake in new nuclear unit

Bulgaria has offered Westinghouse a 49% stake in a new nuclear reactor that the US multinational would build on the site of the Kozlodui nuclear power plant, writes Dnevnik, the EURACTIV partner in Bulgaria.