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Future EU 11-09-2018

Russia: Master of information manipulation

Fake news is proliferating, carried by the virality of the internet and the crisis of confidence in democracies. However, nobody manipulates information as well as Russia does, according to a French study. EURACTIV France reports.
Public Affairs 17-11-2016

Gomes: Outrageous that Oettinger gets away with it because he’s German

Günther Oettinger is simply not suitable for European Commissioner, but he gets away just because he has the support of the EPP and of Germany,  MEP Ana Gomes (S&D, Portugal) told EURACTIV.com in an exclusive interview.
Economy & Jobs 21-03-2013

Kremlin seeks to protect Cyprus amid ‘dirty money’ claims

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who is meeting Commission President José Manuel Barroso in Moscow today (21 March), slammed the EU for behaving "like a bull in a china shop" on the proposed Cyprus bailout. Meanwhile, a prominent Russian opposition leader said the Kremlin was conducting an operation to save its “dirty money” in Cyprus.
Med & South 30-06-2008

Is Gazprom’s strategy political?

Europe's perception of Gazprom as "a political weapon of the Kremlin" is wrong, according to top Gazprom executive Alexander Medvedev. Writing in the June edition of Europe's World, he argues that the European Commission's energy thinking is a "cause for concern".
Med & South 04-06-2000

Clinton at Kremlin

President Clinton is continuing his European tour with an official visit to President Putin