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Digital & Media 08-02-2013

Storm cloud emerges from EU cybersecurity strategy

While viewed as a “step in the right direction”, the EU’s new cybersecurity strategy is criticised by experts for its lack of clarity on ensuring the safety of cloud computing.
Public Affairs 01-02-2011

Hungary told to amend three elements of media law

The stand-off between the European Commission and rotating EU presidency holder Hungary this week entered an appeasement phase, after Budapest indicated it was ready to make changes to its controversial media law. Brussels said it wanted three elements of the text modifying.
Digital & Media 14-07-2010

Kroes resists subsidies to spur EU smart tech

Despite low EU investment in research and development (R&D), Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes has rejected widespread recourse to state aid to narrow the gap with Europe's international competitors. 
Digital & Media 21-01-2010

Kroes in U-turn on Oracle-Sun deal

In a complete U-turn, the European Commission has given its approval to Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Sources close to the negotiation of the controversial deal say Neelie Kroes, the EU's competition commissioner, bowed to political pressure from the US to approve the move.
EU Priorities 2020 20-01-2010

Kroes sails through second parliamentary screening

Neelie Kroes has managed to convince MEPs that she is up to the job of commissioner for the EU's 'Digital Agenda', according to MEPs who had the opportunity to quiz the Dutch candidate for a second time.
EU Priorities 2020 18-01-2010

Kroes may face second round of questions

Dutch members of the European Parliament are calling on Neelie Kroes, the EU's commissioner-designate for the new 'Digital Agenda' portfolio, to face a second round of questioning to rectify what they describe as her weak performance at a confirmation hearing last week.
EU Priorities 2020 15-01-2010

Kroes stilted but tough at parliamentary hearing

"We will call member states to order if they don't respect a liberal and competitive market" was one of many tough messages Neelie Kroes, EU commissioner-designate for the 'Digital Agenda' portfolio, delivered to MEPs at her European Parliament hearing yesterday (14 January).
Digital & Media 08-01-2010

EU pushes for single online music licensing

A pan-European or 'multi-territory' licensing system for online music and films is gaining momentum as the Spanish EU Presidency intends to tackle digital copyright and online piracy in 2010.
Competition 14-12-2009

Oracle’s Sun offer unlikely to win EU approval

Oracle offered the EU's antitrust regulator a set of new terms over the weekend intended to curry favour for its acquisition of Sun Microsystems. But sources close to the deal say Oracle's "public remedies" are unlikely to satisfy the EU's original objections to the deal.
Competition 25-11-2009

German bailout paves way for bad bank

Europe's biggest economy is getting ready to pour more money into failing banks as German lender West LB secured a last-minute rescue plan on Tuesday (24 November), allowing the build-up of the country's first 'bad bank' to take on toxic assets.
Digital & Media 16-11-2009

EU finds Oracle-Sun deal anti-competitive

Oracle's case for buying Sun Microsystems has failed to convince the European Commission, which issued a statement of objections to the deal on Sunday (15 November).
Competition 04-11-2009

EU relieved as GM drops disputed Opel sale

Pre-empting possible action from the EU's competition watchdog, American car giant General Motors has abandoned the sale of its beleaguered German arm Opel to a Canadian-Russian bidder, a deal which was marred in suspicion and resentment.
Competition 27-10-2009

EU crackdown on big banks starts with ING

An EU crackdown on banks too big to fail appears to have begun with ING having to sell its insurance and investment management business, as demanded by the European Commission.
Competition 10-06-2008

Kroes calls for open standards in eGovernment

In an unusual move, EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes today (10 June) backed the use of open software for eGovernment and called on public authorities not to impose proprietary standards on citizens.
Competition 19-04-2007

Brussels downs Dutch beer cartel

Brewers Heineken, Grolsh and Bavaria were fined an unprecedented €273.8 million after the Commission's anti-trust department uncovered evidence of price-fixing, with top management using code names to arrange secret hotel and restaurant meetings.
Competition 03-06-2005

McCreevy to take over the ‘Kroes cases’ from Barroso

The 'conflict of interest cases' of Commissioner Kroes that were first handed over to President Barroso are now to be dealt with by Commissioner McCreevy.