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Danish retail giant: ‘Why use endocrine-disrupting substances if we can use alternatives?’

COOP, Denmark's leading retailer, with about 1,200 supermarkets, lives by the precautionary principle and has therefore removed all endocrine-disrupting chemicals from its products. This gives consumers a choice, says Malene Teller Blume.
Health 13-11-2006

‘Industry unlikely to self-regulate’

Food labelling and advertising to children are two areas where industry is unlikely to be able to self-regulate and legislation is therefore required, argues Sue Davies from the UK consumer organisation Which?.
Trade & Society 23-06-2003

Rupert Schlegelmilch, Head of Unit, European Commission, DG Trade

On the occasion of the international fair trade conference hosted by the King Baudouin Foundation on 28 May 2003, Mr Schlegelmilch said the Commission supports fair trade initiatives and it is making an effort to find ways in the world trading system to ensure that fair trade products remain competitive.