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Agrifood 26-10-2020

EU food origin labels should be placed on the cards, stakeholders say

Adding another element to the current food labelling debates in the EU, stakeholders have called for an EU origin label to be taken into consideration, saying this would encourage consumers to support the European livestock sector.
Alcohol 11-09-2018

Commission: There are legal issues with industry’s proposal on alcohol labelling

The industry’s proposal on alcohol labelling has some legal issues and does not satisfy the need to fully inform EU consumers, a European Commission spokesperson told EURACTIV.com,  raising fresh doubt as to how and when labelling will eventually be regulated.
Alcohol 29-01-2018

‘Responsible Party’ campaign tries to rekindle EU alcohol debate

It takes willingness from all sides in order to make the EU's Alcohol and Health Forum (EAHF) effective, a European Commission official has said, urging businesses and health NGOs to return to the discussion table.
Agrifood 21-09-2017

Spain to join the gastro-nationalism wave on origin of milk

Spain has notified the European Commission on 5 September it will create a new law to include the origin of milk on the label of milk and dairy products, adding fuel to the gastro-nationalism debate.
Alcohol 30-08-2017

EU health chief says all alcoholic beverages should be labelled

The European Commission wants the industry's expected alcohol labelling self-regulatory proposal to cover all alcoholic beverages in order to avoid confusion among consumers.
Agrifood 27-06-2017

Industry asks the Commission to harmonise sports food rules

Four sports foods trade associations launched a joint initiative on Monday (26 June) calling on the European Commission to amend EU food legislation and come up with harmonised rules to regulate their products and ensure their proper use and equal treatment in all member states.
Trade & Society 09-03-2016

New Orleans looks to EU and TTIP to rebuild fortunes

A decade after Hurricane Katrina devastated much of New Orleans, the city is still in the process of rebuilding and is now setting its sights on foreign trade and foreign investment, especially when it comes to the European Union and TTIP.
Med & South 15-01-2016

Netanyahu deplores bad EU relations

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the European Union yesterday (14 January) of holding his country to a double standard, and reserved special criticism for Sweden, saying its call to investigate Israel was outrageous, immoral and stupid.
Global Europe 04-11-2015

Israel to EU: Labelling products harms peace hopes

Israel denounced a European Union proposal Tuesday (3 November) to label products from Jewish settlements, saying it would damage the peace process with the Palestinians.

Europeans ‘confused by green claims’: Survey

Some 80% of Europeans are concerned by the environmental impact of their purchases but only one-quarter say they “often” buy green products, reveals the latest EU opinion poll.
Health 11-04-2013

Brussels unveils green performance scheme for products

The European Commission has proposed EU-wide methods for companies to measure and communicate their ‘greenness’ and the environmental footprint of their products.
Agrifood 06-03-2013

Barroso moves to limit damage from meat scandal

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso on Tuesday (5 March) strongly defended the EU's response to the horsemeat scandal that has shaken consumer confidence and, more broadly, could have repercussions for international trade.
Energy 19-09-2012

Oettinger feels the heat on boiler labelling rules

The meaningful energy labelling of household heating boilers is being gutted behind the scenes, green campaigners have warned, saying this could undermine the EU's 2020 target to cut energy consumption by 20%.
Clothes on a rack [Ulamonge design]
Health 12-05-2011

EU to label clothes made with real fur, leather

Consumers will no longer be at risk of buying by mistake textiles that contain real fur or leather after the European Parliament backed new labelling rules yesterday (11 May). 
Clothes on a rack [Ulamonge design]
Trade & Society 30-09-2010

MEPs back ‘Made In’ labels

The European Union moved closer to new rules to protect its manufacturers from cheaper Asian imports on Wednesday (29 September) when a committee backed plans to label products from outside the bloc by their country of origin.
Climate change 15-07-2010

Carbon labels potentially misleading, study warns

Labelling consumer products with their carbon footprint is not the best approach to combating global warming as the labels at their worst increase negative environmental impacts and mislead consumers, according to European consumer organisation ANEC.
Trade & Society 19-05-2010

MEPs want stricter ‘country of origin’ labels for clothes

The European Parliament is pushing for new labelling rules that would prevent foreign manufacturers from claiming that clothes were 'Made in the EU' when they underwent only minor transformations in the bloc.
Energy 26-11-2009

Parliament rubberstamps law on tyre labelling

The European Parliament yesterday (25 November) gave its final blessing to a new EU regulation that will introduce fuel efficiency labels for all new tyres from November 2012.
Energy 19-11-2009

EU agrees on new energy-efficiency labels

The Swedish EU Presidency struck a deal on 17 November with the European Parliament on a new energy label for household appliances which will add more classes to the closed A-G format.
Energy 02-10-2009

EU adopts fuel efficiency label for tyres

All new tyres will be stamped with a label indicating fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise performance in three years' time, EU negotiators agreed yesterday (1 October).
Energy 07-10-2008

Consumer group slams new energy-labelling scheme

European consumers' organisation BEUC yesterday (6 October) criticised a new Commission proposal to rank household goods such as fridges and washing machines according to the amount of energy they consume, describing it as overly complicated and confusing for consumers.
Health 30-03-2007

MEPs put the breaks on organic-food law

The Parliament has held back its opinion on a new EU regulation on organic production and labelling rules, aimed at buying more time to negotiate on legislative powers and restrict the GMO content of organic products.
Health 01-02-2007

Parliament in high spirits following vodka vote

MEPs believe that a compromise with the Council is at hand after a vote by the European Parliament's lead committee on spirit labelling, which allows for vodka to be made from non-traditional ingredients. 
Health 09-05-2006

Commission wants to improve sunscreen labelling

A Commission is set to issue a recommendation to industry on how to label sunscreens properly to protect consumers from misleading claims, such as 'sunblocker', which only gives impression of total protection.