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Transport 27-05-2020

EU Mobility Package risks becoming a roadblock to post-crisis recovery

In its current form, the Mobility Package brings no benefits for European citizens other than a new wave of migration, an exacerbation of inequalities, and an undesirable increase in CO2 emissions, writes Clotilde Armand.

German labour costs exceed EU average by one-third

The latest numbers show labour is more expensive in Germany than in many other EU member states, especially in the industrial sector, though the trend does not show any negative effects for the country’s competitiveness. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Overtime is more prevalent among German workers than their EU counterparts. Berlin, 2009 [Mundus Gregorius/Flickr]

German workers put in more overtime than EU counterparts

According to EU statistics, German employees put in the most overtime work in the eurozone, with an average of 60% of these hours going unpaid. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Southern Europe competitiveness gap ‘rapidly declining’: Report

Greece, Portugal and Spain are rapidly reversing the loss of wage competitiveness that was a significant cause of the eurozone crisis, new figures showed today (30 January). The report also looks at labour cost evolution in Germany, France and Britain.

European labour cost study adds fuel to French campaign

A Eurostat survey revealing huge labour cost differences across the 27 EU member states unveiled yesterday (24 April) has provided fuel for the French election campaign, where the two contenders are battling over plans for a "social VAT" to protect French producers against social dumping.

Tax Wedge and Skills: Case of Poland in International Perspective

Researchers of the Centre for Social and Economic Research (CASE) analyse the impact of tax wedges on employment and find that the consequences of tax wedge might be devastating for low-skilled labour.

Eurozone labour costs on the increase

A Eurostat report has shown that total hourly labour costs have grown in the first quarter of 2005 compared to figures released at the beginning of 2004.
Enlargement 11-04-2005

Labour costs four times more in EU15

The ten new EU member states have a significant advantage in terms of lower labour costs, reveals new report.

Labour costs in candidate countries significantly lower than in EU

The average labour cost per hour for the candidate countries is still more than five times lower than the EU average, according to a survey released by the Eurostat on 3 March.