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Economy & Jobs 04-12-2017

Legislators weigh options to enforce growing number of EU labour rules

A recent uptick in EU legislation on social issues has sparked disagreement between member states on controversial files to regulate labour rules across the bloc. Now legislators are trying to hammer out a way to enforce the growing number of rules.
Global Europe 25-05-2012

MEPs blast Switzerland over workers quota, taxi restrictions

The European Parliament overwhelmingly passed a resolution yesterday (24 May), “highly regretting” the recently-introduced Swiss quotas for workers from the eight Central European countries which joined the EU in 2004. MEPs also blasted Berne for not allowing German and Austrian taxis to take passengers from Zurich airport.

Free movement of labour in the EU 27

Few of the EU's 'older' and wealthier member states continue to restrict access to their labour markets to workers from Eastern Europe, with Germany and Austria the only countries opting to maintain compulsory work permits until 2011.

Czechs and French open doors to Bulgarian, Romanian workers

France and the Czech Republic have decided to open their borders to Romanian and Bulgarian workers, with France restricting job seekers to those sectors that were already opened to workers from the countries that joined the EU in 2004.

UK set to slam door on Romanians and Bulgarians

In spite of the positive impact that labour immigration from eastern Europe has had on the British economy, the UK is unlikely to allow workers from Bulgaria and Romania in after the two countries' accession in January 2007.

Lalko Dulevski: Bulgarians are not emigrants at heart

The Bulgarian Economic and Social Council (ESC) suggested that the country's government implement a number of economic measures to encourage Bulgarians living abroad to return home. EURACTIV's Bulgarian partner portal Dnevnik.bg talked to ESC Chairman, Professor Lalko Dulevski, about the proposals.

Bring workers back to Bulgaria

The Bulgarian government would be well advised to attract workers who have found jobs abroad back to the country, said the chairman of Bulgaria's Economic and Social Council in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV partner portal Dnevnik.bg.

Central Europeans free to migrate to and work in Spain

The Spanish government has announced that unlike other EU countries it will not renew restrictions for workers from 8 Eastern Central European countries when they run out on 1 May 2006. 
Brexit 01-03-2006

Old member states grappling with labour movement issue

A study out in Britain substantiates that labour migration from Eastern Europe has been "broadly positive." Meanwhile, Belgium appears determined to keep its labour market closed.
Enlargement 28-02-2006

Portugal to lift EU labour barriers

On 1 May 2006, Portugal will open its labour market to citizens of the new EU member states.
Enlargement 14-02-2006

Finland and Spain set to lift labour movement restrictions

Effective from 1 May 2006, Finland and Spain are expected to relax the restrictions on the free movement of workers from the new EU member states.
Enlargement 09-02-2006

Commission calls for labour movement restrictions to be lifted

According to the Commission's "rigorous analysis of facts", workers' mobility from the new EU member states has had "mostly positive" effects on EU labour markets. The free movement of labour is "economically rational", argues the commissioner in charge. The member states may hold a different view.
Enlargement 09-02-2006

Commentary: True freedom of movement

The EU should put an end to the system of work permits for union citizens from the new member states, argues Tony Venables, director of the Brussels-based European Citizen Action Service (ECAS).
Enlargement 27-01-2006

Member states ponder lifting labour market restrictions

The spring deadline is approaching for EU member states to declare whether or not they will remove controversial restrictions on the free movement of labour. The latter is a fundamental principle of the Union.
Enlargement 16-12-2005

Prague threatens labour restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian workers

Should Austria fail to lift labour restrictions on the new member states next year, the Czech Republic says it will consider imposing similar restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian workers.
Enlargement 14-11-2005

Helsinki considering lifting labour market restrictions

Finland has joined the ranks of those EU-15 states considering opening up their labour markets to the citizens of the new EU member states.
Enlargement 04-11-2005

Germany will not lift labour movement restrictions for EU-10

German President Horst Köhler has said during his visit to Bratislava that Berlin has no plans to lift labour movement restrictions on the EU-10 citizens.
Enlargement 20-09-2005

Member states ponder lifting labour market restrictions

Commissioner Spidla has urged member states to "seriously examine" the possibility of dropping their labour market restrictions. Free movement of workers "should be enjoyed by all", said Spidla.
Enlargement 02-09-2005

ECAS report: Feared labour exodus from the East a no-show

In a new report, ECAS says that while the widely feared labour migration flow from East to West has never come about, information on the post-enlargement rights and conditions of migrant workers remains sparse.

More labour mobility for doctors and other professionals

The Competitiveness Council has adopted the directive simplifying and consolidating existing legislation on recognition of professional qualifications without debate.
Central Europe 30-11-2004

Turkey could face permanent “safeguard clause”

A draft from the Dutch Presidency proposes that Turkey be subject to long transition periods and a permanent safeguard clause on the free movement of labour.
Enlargement 03-05-2004

Labour movement restrictions will counter Polish brain drain

The President of the Polish Employers' Federation Henryka Bochniarz is not unhappy about restrictions on free movement of labour towards the new Member States. They will counter a "disastrous" brain drain.
Enlargement 17-03-2004

Thirty-strong Commission holds first meeting

The first meeting of the enlarged Commission with the ten new commissioners has debated facts and fears over free movement of labour.
Enlargement 27-03-2001

Five-year transition periods for CEEC workers?

European Commission set to propose general five-year transition periods for free-movement of citizens of future Member States