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  • UK’s Labour opposition mulls in/out EU referendum pledge

    News | Brexit 10-09-2013

    The UK’s opposition Labour party is considering matching the Conservative’s offer of an “in/out” referendum on EU membership in a marked policy shift ahead of the next UK general election in 2015. A decision could be announced at Labour Party's annual conference in Brighton later this month, EURACTIV understands.

  • Cameron’s EU referendum draws criticism from British MEPs

     Video | Promoted content | Brexit 23-01-2013

    After months of anticipation, British Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday delivered his much awaited-speech on the UK's role in Europe.
    Under intense pressure from the euroskeptic side of his own Conservative Party, Cameron promised to offer the British people an in/out referendum on EU membership. Before that, however, he hopes to re-negotiate a 'new settlement' for the UK in Europe.