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Brexit 08-07-2016

Vaughan: Labour MEPs want to continue work until UK leaves, ‘if it leaves’

Despite the vote on 23 June, British Labour MEPs want to continue having a full and active role in the European Parliament. “We want to continue as much as we can until we leave, if we do leave," Derek Vaughan told EURACTIV Poland.

Špidla: ‘Social innovation’ needed to restart economy

Squeezed by the economic crisis, Europe's labour markets can find new dynamism through social innovation, said Vladimir Špidla, EU commissioner for employment, social affairs and equal opportunities, in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.
Brexit 12-03-2009

MEP: EU attracts politicians fed up with ‘ya-boo’ UK politics

Female politicians in the UK do well in the European Parliament as it offers "the sort of politics women like to be associated with" and is "much more collegial, much more consensual and less confrontational 'ya-boo' boy politics of Westminster," the leader of the UK Labour delegation in the European Parliament, Glenis Willmott, told EURACTIV in an interview.

‘UNICE’s criticism is blown out of proportion’

Shortly before the Commission's planned launch of a consultation on the reform of European labour law, employers' association UNICE launched a fierce attack on the document. EURACTIV talked to Catelene Passchier, who is in charge of social policy and labour law in her position as confederal secretary of ETUC, the European Trade Union Confederation.