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Euro & Finance 05-12-2007

Ministers adopt new EU financial services legislation rulebook

EU finance ministers have agreed on a review of the so-called Lamfalussy process, which governs EU procedures for legislation applicable to banks and insurance companies, but rejected plans for a supranational financial market supervisor at European level.
Euro & Finance 11-07-2007

EU insurance sector overhaul to trigger merger and acquisition activity

The Commission unveiled its proposed Solvency II directive on 10 July, introducing a major reform of the supervisory framework for the insurance and reinsurance industries. The proposal was welcomed by large industry players who see it as an opportunity to expand their activities in other European states.
Brexit 06-06-2006

Analysis: Implementing the new Markets and Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)

J.P. Casey and K. Lannoo, from the European Capital Markets Institute (ECMI), explain the evolution of EU regulation of investment firms from the original Investment Services Directive (principles-based approach) to the MiFID implementing measures (rules-based approach).
Brexit 14-09-2005

McCreevy wants costs of crossborder securities trading cut

Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy has given the Financial Services Industry six months (until mid-March 2006) to cut the costs of trading securities between EU countries.
Euro & Finance 26-07-2005

CEBS and the future of financial services: Interview with Freddy Van den Spiegel

In the news on financial services at the moment are the recent Commission Green Paper, the Capital Requirements Directive and the creation of a single market for financial services. One of the main actors in these important developments is the Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS). EURACTIV spoke to Freddy Van den Spiegel, Chair of the CEBS consultative committee, about these issues and others.
Euro & Finance 19-01-2005

EcoFin extends Lamfalussy procedure to banking

At the EcoFin Council meeting on 18 Jan 2004, Ministers agreed to extend the Lamfalussy process, the framework to speed up financial services legislation, to banking, insurance and pensions.
Brexit 18-12-2004

Financial Services Action Plan

The EU's Financial Services Action Plan (FSAP) was designed to open up a single market for financial services in the EU. Begun in 1999, it comprises 42 measures designed to harmonise the member states’ rules on securities, banking, insurance, mortgages, pensions and all other forms of financial transaction. By the end of 2004, almost all of these measures have been adopted.

MEPs obtain democratic control over financial securities legislation

The European Parliament endorsed the Commission's proposals on the single market in financial services on Tuesday 5 February. By adopting the own-initiative report by rapporteur Karl von Wogau (EPP/ED Germany), MEPs secured the right of the Parliament to be informed and consulted on the implementation of legislation on financial securities.

Commission sets up two powerful securities committees

European Commission sets up two committees dealing with more effective and speedier regulation of Europe's securities markets

Agreement on Lamfalussy proposals

ECOFIN ministers reach agreement on proposals for the Regulation of the European Securities Markets
Defence policy 22-03-2001

Power struggle over financial services?

EU Member States close to agreement on proposals for fast-track method for legislation on financial markets
Defence policy 13-03-2001

No agreement on EU securities committee

ECOFIN Council fails to reach agreement on Lamfalussy proposals for European market in financial services
Defence policy 15-02-2001

Lamfalussy Panel wants powerful EU securities committee

Wise Men's Panel, led by Alexandre Lamfalussy, presents final report on reforming regulation of EU securities markets
Defence policy 10-11-2000

Panel proposes faster decision-making for EU financial markets

The Wise Men's Group on reforming regulation of the EU securities markets released its interim report on Thursday 9 November
Climate change 09-11-2000

EU agrees on common stance for climate change summit

EU environment ministers met on Tuesday 7 November to prepare for next week's climate change talks in The Hague