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Development Policy 18-03-2015

Putting the brakes on New Alliance land grabs

What kind of role should the private sector have in the post-2015 fight against poverty and food insecurity? And how should EU governments ensure it is genuinely inclusive and responsible? Yaekob Metena explores the possibilities.
Agrifood 24-11-2014

Land grabbing, still a huge problem in Eastern Europe

The EU is currently witnessing a massive land grab, which has a direct impact on 25 million of its citizens, changing the way lands are being managed and how food is being produced, writes Attila Szocs.
Energy 03-07-2013

Walking away from biofuels will not solve concerns about them

By effectively decreasing the ambition of its biofuels policy, as currently debated in the European Parliament and the Council, the EU walks away from concerns without solving them, writes Carlo Hamelinck.