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Agrifood 21-03-2016

Hungarian opposition cries foul over land sales

Hungary's main opposition party on Monday (21 March) has branded a government scheme  "legalised theft", after acres of state-owned land were sold to people close to conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.
Agrifood 11-09-2009

UN calls for international guidelines on land-grabbing

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), alarmed at the way governments and private corporations are buying farmland in developing countries, plans to present international guidelines to protect local people and farmers from what some have dubbed "neo-colonialism". 
Enlargement 30-10-2001

Poland sticks to land sale ban

While the new Polish government has made progress in enlargement negotiations, closing the difficult environment chapter, its ban on land-sales to EU citizens remains a major sticking point. Poland, a victim of constant occupation by its bigger neighbours throughout history, cites "special historical, social and political conditions" which justify its ban on foreigners buying Polish land.
Enlargement 15-04-2000

43% of EU citizens support enlargement

The latest public opinion poll, conducted in the 15 EU Member States by Eurobarometer, shows that on the average 43% of the citizens of the Fifteen support the enlargement.