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Circular economy 05-07-2018

Slovakia down in the dumps at €1m EU fine

The European Court of Justice ruled on Wednesday (5 July) that Slovakia has not followed EU rules on landfills and will have to pay a €1 million lump sum fine and penalty payments of €5,000 for every day of delay.

In the rush to get waste out of landfill, the EU risks losing sight of its recycling targets

Since 2010, billions of euros have been committed for energy from waste (EfW) infrastructure in Northern Europe. This would be sensible if recycling levels remained unchanged, writes Adam Baddeley.

Italy reluctant to tackle illegal landfills

After the European Court of Justice imposed heavy fines on Italy in 2014 for 198 illegal landfills, only 13 have actually been brought up to code. EURACTIV Italy reports.

Industry pushes for EU ban on plastics dumping

Plastics manufacturers are pushing for an EU-wide ban on the disposal of plastics in landfills, arguing that Europe needs tougher recycling requirements to stop an important raw material from being thrown away.