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Circular economy 02-08-2017

Moscow reaches landfill tipping point

Moscow is surrounded by 18 landfill sites where 11 million tonnes of waste are dumped every year. As Vladimir Putin considers running for president in 2018, the issue is emerging as a defining aspect of the looming election. EURACTIV’s partner Italia Oggi reports.

MEPs bolster EU recycling and landfill targets

Members of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee yesterday (24 January) moved to increase draft EU recycling and landfill targets that had been lowered by the European Commission in its re-tabled Circular Economy Package.

The Brief: Regulate toasters for an ambitious circular economy

The European Commission will call into question the much-vaunted ambition of its Circular Economy Package, if it doesn't regulate products such as toasters and hairdryers.

Germany wants to scrap EU recycling targets

EXCLUSIVE / Germany, the EU’s most influential country and its leading recycler, has called for recycling targets in the European Commission’s Circular Economy package of green laws to be scrapped.

Commission’s axing of Circular Economy Package ‘stalled’ green policies across EU

EXCLUSIVE / The European Commission was accused last night of stalling national waste and recycling policies across the EU, after it emerged that only two countries have dedicated circular economy strategies.

Timmermans defends ambition of new Circular Economy package

The European Commission today (2 December) defended the ambition of the waste and recycling laws which replaced the Circular Economy Package it axed in the drive to cut red tape.

New Circular Economy Package takes shape

EXCLUSIVE / The European Commission’s new Circular Economy Package will include fresh legislation on waste, fertilisers, and water reuse, “strong commitments” on Eco-design, strategies for handling plastics and chemicals, and “major” funding for innovation, EURACTIV has learnt.

Europe puts spotlight on its waste problem

This weekend saw the beginning of the European Week for Waste Reduction, a move by EU regions to draw attention to the continent’s waste problem and some of the grassroots initiatives looking for a cure.
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Commission eyes tighter enforcement of EU waste law

The European Commission does not have enough resources to properly enforce the implementation of the EU's Landfill Directive and related infringement cases against member states have very little effect, regretted an official at the EU executive, suggesting that the establishment of an EU waste implementation agency would remedy the situation.

Parliament votes in favour of waste recycling over incineration

MEPs agreed on setting binding targets for waste reduction and the introduction of a five-step hierarchy that gives priority to prevention, reuse and recycling over landfills.
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Commission points out the mismanaged landfills in the EU

The Commission organised a seminar to spot the good and the bad managers of landfills and is taking legal action against 36 landfills in seven Member States.
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EEA outlines measures for reducing landfill of biodegradable waste

On 22 March, the European Environment Agency (EEA) issued a study on the status of biodegradable waste in Europe. It highlights the differences between the national strategies drawn up, the methods currently used and the alternatives to landfill available.