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Languages & Culture 05-05-2015

Language entrepreneur: Smaller languages could be lost in the Digital Single Market

Opening borders may undermine smaller languages, unless research initiatives support making translation more competitive, says Andrejs Vasiljevs.
Languages & Culture 22-04-2013

Francois Alfonsi MEP: ‘The loss of a language is always deliberate’

Languages would not disappear without a deliberate policy to marginalise them, says François Alfonsi, a Corsican MEP who has drafted a parliamentary report on endangered languages to be voted in June. For him, the EU has a role to play in protecting what he describes as “a European heritage”.
Languages & Culture 06-04-2012

Multilingualism MEP: ‘We’re having difficulty recruiting English people’

Thirty years on, Margaret Thatcher's' education policies have had unexpected consequences on the European Parliament's translation and interpretation services. Miguel Angel Martinez Martinez, the Spanish MEP in charge of the Assembly's multilingualism policy, explains why in an interview with EURACTIV.
Languages & Culture 28-06-2011

Expert: Languages ‘tool for more business’

Companies that learn the language of the countries they do business with will thrive in the future, making it easier to build trust relationships and helping them to understand how people think, according to Martin Hope, head of an EU project called 'Language Rich Europe'. He spoke to EURACTIV in an interview.
Languages & Culture 13-05-2011

MEP: ‘Digital diplomacy’ to open access to Europe’s culture

The European Union should make its diverse cultural content more accessible to people around the world via increased investments in cultural and, in particular, digital diplomacy, Dutch liberal MEP Marietje Schaake told EURACTIV in an interview.
Languages & Culture 22-10-2010

OIF chief: ‘French remains a universal language’

French is still a "universal language"and the number of French-speakers worldwide is growing, Abdou Diouf, secretary-general of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, told EURACTIV in an interview on the occasion of the body’s thirteenth international summit. 
Languages & Culture 20-07-2009

Culture chief: ‘Room for improvement’ in EU’s use of German

There is still room for improvement regarding the number of documents translated into German by the European institutions, despite recent growth in the number of German EU officials using their native language professionally, Margareta Hauschild, director of the Goethe-Institut Belgien, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Languages & Culture 13-11-2008

Orban: Multilingualism ‘cost of democracy’ in EU

Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban has spoken to EURACTIV Slovakia of his conviction that the dossier will continue to be afforded "its own place" in the EU policy framework after the expiry of the European Commission's current mandate in autumn 2009.
Languages & Culture 02-04-2008

Orban: Importance of multilingualism ‘will not diminish’

The multilingualism portfolio is too important to be sacrificed by the next European Commission, Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban said in an interview with EURACTIV Romania. As proof of this, Turkish could become the next official EU language provided that Cyprus concludes reunification talks, he indicated.
Languages & Culture 28-03-2008

Suard: ‘Taking languages too seriously kills them’

Defending the multiplicity of languages in the EU is the best way of protecting them as taking a single language too seriously will only succeed in killing it, argues Catherine Suard of the French Institute in Sofia in an interview with EURACTIV Bulgaria. 
Languages & Culture 02-10-2007

Diouf: ‘Language is inseparable from democracy’

Multilingualism, as specified in the Treaties on the functioning of the EU institutions, is in danger of disappearing in favour of a de facto single-language regime based on English, warns Abdou Diouf, secretary-general of the 'Francophonie', the international French-language organisation, in an interview with EURACTIV.
Languages & Culture 07-06-2007

Orban: ‘With multilingualism, I have the possibility to build something new’

In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban speaks of his conviction that the EU's official language tally will continue to grow, and expresses his hopes that new translation technologies and motivating language education will bear fruit.
Future EU 06-02-2004

Full interview with Péter Balázs, the future Commissioner nominated by Hungary

The new Hungarian Commissioner Peter Balázs foresees that Hungary may also have to limit the influx of workers from neighbours like Poland and thinks that less money should be spent on interpretation in the EU's post-enlargement budget.

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